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For Sale 20.5 Acres Superb Quality Farm Land Cabrera Dominican Republic

This an excellent example of what we’ve been trying to get across about how the new paved roads will open up new options, just take a look at this. Those following the Something Feels Wrong YouTube channel and waiting in anticipation are going to love what you see. What was once quite a hike to the town of Cabrera is now just about 12 minutes away on freshly paved roads. Just as we’ve been mentioning, the paving that’s currently taking place is going to open up several of our best areas featuring properties that just one month ago wouldn’t be considered because of access.

Have a look at one of the best 20.5 acre parcels I’ve seen to date. For those who like privacy the entrance wouldn’t be noticed if not previously known AND it’s all paved! The natural lay of the land is spectacular! There’s one mound located in the perfect place to construct the owners residence. If selected this location not only provides a panoramic ocean view it allows you to see all four corner points FROM YOUR DECK!

Barn area and workman’s quarters are already in place and is currently producing dairy products. To date one of the best quality live on lite farming pieces I’ve seen. As for now we’re off to the next one. Until next time, this is Barry in DR.

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