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New Paved Road from Boca Beach to Sunshine Beach

In the ongoing effort of keeping our subscribers in the know I wanted to bring everyone up to speed regarding the area between Boca Beach and Sunshine Beach. It’s now paved!! I’ve mentioned for quite some time now about the fact that there’s too much money involved and that the area would be developing. There’s just too many tourist dollars at stake to ignore this prime beach land. Well after mentioning this fact for about two years it’s finally done. From broken bridge to Sunshine Beach is now paved!!

I talk about what’s been going on with the team and how we were involved in assisting with all of the paving done in our surrounding areas and how this opened the door for future investment. Not sure why they call summer the “off season” we’ve been running around hosting guests, selling, assisting and a host of other things. All of us are looking forward to seeing the new arrivals arriving in June. Whether it’s the cost of living, the loss of personal freedoms or the erosion of quality of life it doesn’t matter. If “Something Feels Wrong” in your world we’re here to assist. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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