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A Nothing Special Kind of Sunday

I begin by heading out on the backroads. Taking dirt roads I was heading towards the town of Copeyito. Once through Copeyito I headed to Los Cajuiles. Some sections were actually first time areas even for me. There’s literally that many backroads to choose from. I finally ended up in Los Cajuiles but arrived from a way that I never traveled before. From there I headed back towards Loma Alta. It’s been at least eight months since last being in some of these areas. While driving I was so amazed by the amount of progress that’s taken place in the latter part of the video, I make mention of paying attention to what’s going on. I don’t believe major infrastructure improvements like what’s been witnessed should cause values to fall. In fact over time I believe it will have an opposite effect.

On my way home I passed through the towns of San Jose de Pastrana, Santa Maria, San Rafael, El Pujador Veinte/Veinte, Calle Jon and finally back home in Loma Alta. Was a great “Nothing Special Kind of Sunday” Until next time, Barry in DR.

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