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Introduction to SomethingFeelsWrong.com

What was originally going to be a video about the many “why’s” that we’ve heard turned into what is now our new information video. With hundreds of tours and excursions, the thousands of people we’ve met over the past 12 years, there’s one thing that remains constant. What eventually began to grab more and more of my attention was the following.

It didn’t matter what nation or area of the globe they originated from.  It made little if any difference what religious beliefs or lack of were present in the individual, even lifestyle, heritage, language and creed played a micro part into their reasoning for reaching out to us. The one single entity that was almost a 100% commonality was to all of them “Something Feels Wrong”. The many languages and beliefs, so called differences all seemed to dovetail into the one same reason. That reason is to all of them “Something Feels Wrong”.

I ask you what better name could you come up with for a YouTube channel and website where curiosity rules. The funniest thing we found out about our twelve years of doing these tours and I do mean hundreds of them. The longer we keep doing this one, thing’s become rather obvious. The more we think we’re different the more we’re actually the same. Ponder on that for a moment. Until next time, Barry in DR

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