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New Laws in Spain – Masks Are Now Mandatory Even At Home

In today’s world what should be front page headlines, rarely if ever gets to see ink on paper. The same can be said for TV and online broadcasting, only switch the word print with view and you’ve pretty much got it. We’re not being told the truth. Instead of being informed individuals, we’re being influenced into predetermined positions on the global chessboard.

The mentors don’t agree in the line of thought that destinations or directions are set in stone. If it were so our free will would be rendered worthless. Countless times while researching some other topic we’d stumble across a myriad of information, showing where time played the trickster directing humanities future course that we’d be able to author volumes about that one subject alone.

Over time several paths begin to appear, they’ll become visible during certain windows of time and not during others. Those who read my posts know I refer to these as intersections. Humanity has a way of eliminating these pathways one at a time much the same way the mentors peel the onion only difference is, from the mentors it’s arriving from a proactive behavior and for most of humanity it comes from a reactive decision. I can assure you one is far more peaceful than the other. Either way just stay informed as history has a way of reminding us that these events never end up well.

Even though it’s a rare occurrence, if by some marvel real news manages to find a bit of ink, you’ll likely find the article located next to the obituaries inside margin lower left. In other words you’d really have to hunt to stand a chance of locating it. There are several words I could use to describe this action but journalism would not be one of them.

On the other hand if the subject has to do with promoting fear you’ll see it front page bold block letters and you’ll see this being brightly displayed on every front page across the nation. From an overstated pandemic to the violence currently sweeping the nations, North Korea, China and Russia, if it promotes fear get it out there. Mass shootings, school shootings, nightclub massacres it doesn’t even need to be true just get it out there first! None of the mass media sources ever paid the least bit of attention to what might be the costs for spreading such relentless fear across the planet.

Hey I get it fear sells, but where’s the line in the sand here? Similar endeavors have been promoted on a global basis and the damages caused are so grave I truly believe are unmeasurable.  Journalists are going to one day be held accountable for the damages they’ve caused. Journalism is about unbiased reporting. Journalism is not about sharing your point of view or forming choices for your readers. True journalism resists taking a stance on either side, rather it’s about reporting unbiased facts to the public. There’s a lot of responsibility that goes along with that, at least there once was, but there’s also a lot of responsibility that falls on us too.

Upon receiving any information from there it’s up to each individual to continue and begin applying THEIR OWN RESEARCH. Never allow yourself to make any steadfast decision solely by information you’ve received. You have to gather your own information and yes that does take time. Not living up to our own responsibilities plays a huge role in why we find ourselves where we currently are. We’re all so eager to point the finger in another direction, we sometimes forget that when doing that, there’s always three other fingers pointing right back at ourselves. A knee jerk reaction only takes a moment, a hypothesis takes time to form.

I’ve chosen this blog from Martin Armstrong as a clear cut example of inequality in modern journalism. Would you not think this should be front page right alongside of all the fear porn headlines? The citizens of Spain will be required to wear masks at all times! I don’t have to remind you of how unethical the entire pandemic’s been right from the get go. There’s no science behind these rules and those implicating them have stepped way beyond their self-elected monarchy legally allows. It won’t stop until we stand together and make it stop. If not one by one count what’s remaining of our freedoms to wither away never to return. Whichever way it goes remains up to us. At least up until now it still does. The correct question might be: For how much longer? Until next time, Barry in DR.


Armstrong Economics Spain is in partnership with Bill Gates:  https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/spain/spain-is-in-partnership-with-bill-gates/

The Government finally sets the interpersonal distance at 1.5 meters and will oblige for months to wear masks:  https://www.elmundo.es/espana/2020/06/09/5edf71e9fc6c835f688b45be.html

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