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In One Nation – Police Brutality & Armed Civilian Guards – Two Sides to Every Story

Over the past while what was once a rarity has morphed to become rather mundane. Over the past few years and largely because of all the mass shootings it’s become a common occurrence that violence within America will head up newscasts in foreign countries. Now there’s something every red blooded American should be proud of but all sarcastic humor aside all over Europe and Australia the U.S. is making headlines and not in a good way.  As they say the times are changing.

Around the same time we began announcing to expect a hockey stick uptick in violence sometime during the first half of 2020 we also added in this important tagline. We mentioned in several prior posts that this time it will be different. In particular for the citizens of the U.S. this is going to be a radically different experience than what most have ever experienced before… because this time a major portion of the violence is going to be occurring in your home nation.

Back then before much of what we said came to realization, I’m confident that a lot of folks reading those prior posts never considered the significance carried by the aforementioned tagline. Consider the following; For the greater part of its 243 year history, America’s endless appetite for war has been largely raged on foreign soil. Now and for the foreseeable future there’s been a paradigm shift. America will be the up and coming newly elected ground zero for much of the upcoming violence. Here’s why.

When any nation is divided to such extremes violence stems from within. Don’t expect to see bombs falling from the planes of other nations. This divide cuts from the inside out, so best beware of your own citizenry. From a staged political coup, which went under the code name RussiaGate to the exaggerated pandemic that buried an already dead world economy, both events shared one thing in common. Both events were completely orchestrated.

When you’re governing both, the technology and the natural resources, you have the distinct option of tilting the board in your direction. When a handful of families control such resources and then choose to use them for ominous reasons, you quickly find out they are in fact in control. You wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t for them allowing me to rent their technology.

This handful of families hosts nearly all the strings that control most of the puppets and if that’s true… can spark violence at will and in any location desired. Since most of us don’t think in that fashion they get stuck into situations where they’re forced to react and that’s not good. The mentors keep saying learn how to be proactive not reactive!

See how fast the stage changes. Two weeks ago the herd goes in one direction and now swiftly shifts into another. I’m referring to what happened to the endless news about the virus now that the violence has captured their controlled media outlets where did it go? It’s like watching a herd of Elk or a large flock of birds. One leads the rest mindlessly follow.

In closing I want to mention what I feel is a good example of why we say everything is various shades of grey. Both clips were filmed in America but taken from clips bought out in foreign media. One shows the ugliness that controls the mindless ordertaker and the other shows a sigh of a realization that we the mentors have been saying is the one and only answer if we’re going to solve this in a positive outcome. Listen to the self-proclaimed redneck talk about it’s time to drop our differences and come together as human beings. Perhaps if enough open minded follow this example we have hope. If not I’d consider learning Mandarin, there’s no one else to pick a fight with. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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