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20 Minutes of Sheer Brilliance

Larken Rose a true patriot.
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It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post a few blogs. With so much going on at times I feel as busy as a one armed wallpaper hanger but that’s a good thing. I recently was forwarded a 20 minute speech by a fellow named Larken Rose. For those not familiar with him I’d suggest you take whatever time is necessary to become so. This man is a true patriot in the correct sense of the word. Rather than dwell further I’ll just link the YouTube featuring his 20 minutes of sheer brilliance. Done over 8 years ago and still every word holds true in the present, only amplified!

From our controllers perspective Freedom is always illegal.

To fully understand where I’m heading with this I suggest that you take into consideration all of the folks we now consider our righteous, our hero’s even our founding fathers and transfer back to the time period they were living in. While they were alive almost every one of them were considered to be criminals or revolutionists because they were the ones who broke the law. They were the few who said NO to the demands of the controllers of that era. They were the one’s who said as Larken puts it no you’re not the boss of me!”

Understand laws made by man were meant to control you, to restrict you and not to protect or serve you. I understand for many this will be difficult to understand yet alone except. The people who put them there made sure it would be or how else could they have the ignorant masses obey them. The believers, the sheep and the misinformed masses of humanity had to be kept outside believing in the exoteric never to be allowed into the esoteric, the inside knowledge. To this day it’s the only thing that still has the controlling sources worried. They know if the gullible and the ignorant ever understood natural law, it’s over for the few who hold the reins on humanity.

Nevertheless the above goes a long way towards determining why our planet is the way it is today. The warring, the killing, the poverty and of course the divisions within the populace. Our planet’s population has never been more divided and that’s exactly where these psychopath’s who determine our laws want it to be.

20 Minutes of Brilliance


I’m curious if my readers will realize how much further we’ve lost our freedoms since this brilliant speech was presented eight years prior. It’s a shame that freedom’s collective and not individual. No one has the right to remain ignorant when it affects the freedoms of others. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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