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Day One of our SW Trip comes to an End

Well after an eight hour jaunt through several winding roads we finally arrive to Los Patos (the ducks) for our first night’s stay. I really wanted to introduce Alduino an alternate passage instead of going the traditional way which takes you through Santo Domingo with all its traffic and congestion. From what he was saying in Spanish I can tell he really enjoyed the new sights and in general the entire ride. I really enjoy sharing some of my past experiences with clients and friends. In fact some great folks from California who started out as clients and then became good friends of Liane, Johnny and I are set to arrive three weeks after this trip. I might even show them some other SW sites while they’re here. Well once again we’re staying at a little hotel in Los Patos. The owner hails from Italy and he’s been living here for decades. Nothing fancy mind you but that’s not our thing anyway however it’s clean and quiet. Nice pool and of course the little restaurant has some excellent food. If I remember correctly Johnny said it was the best pasta bolognesa that he’s ever had. For twenty four dollars per night including breakfast each room has cold A/C and strong hot and cold water pressure it’s hard to complain. Oh yea and there’s a decent ocean view as well. For now it’s time for a swim then a hot shower followed by dinner and of course a bottle of 15 year old Leyenda (Legend) rum. We’ll all catch up with you tomorrow and continue on. What a nice change from the normal routine.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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