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A Quick Sprint Through Barahona & On We Go

Since arriving to Barahona we noticed that the clock’s ticking and it’s already half past four. Since our stopping point for the night was still over an hour away and we did want to have a little down time with a bottle of good rum, we decided it was best to take a quick ride through the towns Malecon. So we took a quick ride through the town’s Malecon when I finally had the time to have one of my long list of those unanswered questions addressed. Why is it that bars located right next to each other always have different styles of music playing at the same time? When you’re sitting in one establishment the music from the neighboring bars interfere and at least to me at that time becomes a confused mess of little more than what I would term as noise.  Well Alduino had the answer and in a strange way made some sense. We continue and leave the town where the scenery promptly changed from city to country. The last section we observed how they’re widening the main road since our last visits to this part of the country. The Government said they’ll be expanding tourism in this part of the country and it seems so. Rumor has it down near Cabo Rojo they’re looking at adding the country’s 8th International airport. Pleased to see that the country is growing and for the greater part these changes seem to be for the better. Until next time, Barry in DR

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