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Welcome to Rancho Arriba

Continuing on with day one of our excursion we pull into a small town named Rancho Arriba. A quaint clean little town but nothing really out of the norm except for coffee growing everywhere. As a driver I have to admit over the past decade the roads in this country have really taken a turn for the better. Smooth well marked highways are what we’ve been experiencing all throughout our first day. I’m confident that’s gonna change as we head out on some four wheeling adventure later on during the excursion. For now it’s almost midday so we pull into a small restaurant named Tell Alpin. The menu was limited to local foods but what we had was tasty and the restaurant was extremely clean. Three plates of local beef and chicken along with the normal rice and beans set us back less than ten dollars for the three of us. Will pick this up after lunch and a cigar as when you’re with my good buddy Alduino cigars are just part of the experience. So far it’s been a relaxing change and we’re all having a great time. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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