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June Update Montana Y Mar

Well summer’s here and boy the heat’s kicked in. A few days ago I received a call from our partner in the Montana Y Mar project. We’re breaking down the last ridge to expose the view and he suggested I come on down and lend a bit of assistance. While there I thought this is the perfect time to get folks caught up on the happenings. These will be the last three lots and all three are top of the line. For what’s supposed to be the quiet time of year just hasn’t lived up to expectation. Currently there are several repeat visitors that have come to take the next step in their plans to build. There’s five homes currently under construction most of which are in the project. Over the next couple of weeks the number will be rising to six. We’re also hosting visitors hailing from as far away as Mozambique. The balance hail from Canada and the US. I’ll be heading out for three to four days with a great couple we met several years prior for a bit of adventure in various parts of the country. I’m confident it will be a real experience for them.

In the not too distant future we’ll be announcing a brand new project ready for subdividing. We’re doing our best to keep you all in the loop. Seems there are a lot of folks who are looking for a bit of a change in their lives and from what I see happening in several nations can’t blame them, so what about you? Until next time, Barry in DR.

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