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The Greatest Show on Earth

Pretty much sums it up don't you think? Credit Grass roots michigan.com

Pretty much sums it up don’t you think?
Credit Grass roots michigan.com

When opening my morning email I found three statements from subscribers actually attending the RNC. I’m copying the solitary one feasible for public viewing. The other two were just a bit too vulgar in regards to their wording. While both accurately express the writers own personal anguish along with their individual feeling of hopelessness they simply contained too much loutish language for a reprint. Copied below is from another subscriber attending the RNC two days in a row.

It's all just smoke and mirrors. The greatest show on earth.

It’s all just smoke and mirrors. The greatest show on earth.

“Just got back from my 2nd and final day of the convention madness. A freak-show to say the least, radical commies, next to radical Christians, Feminists, pro-Islam, anti-Islam, pro-wall, anti-wall, all mixed with hundreds if not thousands of police officers that were mostly from other states. There was no shortage of Hillary for Prison or Lock her up T-shirts.

I stayed quiet and just observed as I think I have a good sense of when I’m wasting time and effort. It was funny seeing some groups trying to have a sensible debate turn into what your cartoon looks like above! One emotional triggered word and wham. I had no luck running into Alex Jones, but I was following his team a little as they would usually be in the middle of the action. I think the rumors of black lives matter showing up big were mostly false.
Overall it was a fun experience! Let me know if you have any specific questions.”

At the same time reading these emails a fourth subscriber Skyped and together we discussed the same topic. I sensed by the end of our discussion this subscriber reconfirmed his previous understanding and is now 100% on board with our past posts regarding violence. Violence is waiting at the culmination of every possible path going forward. More accurately what waits is extreme violence by Americans on Americans. As it’s been said there are two ways in which you can destroy a nation. The first is by warring and the second is by dividing its citizens and allow it to be destroyed from within.

When your nation is nearing a 50-50 divide in politics the open-minded person will start seeing the forest among the trees. Separate from the masses it’s these few minds that will begin recognizing huge support from political unknowns means the citizens have had enough. It’s these few who also understand with near 50% of the citizens on some form of Government aid it’s these people who will be the personal Army Obama spoke about years prior.

In July of 2008 then presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama stated that “Americans could no longer continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Important read Obama’s Personal Army and you’ll have a clearer picture of why for over five years I’ve been stating it’s always been the citizens dependent on Government aid that will be this internal army Obama spoke of.

When you have kids to feed and you’re dependent on that Government check arriving every month your options are limited. Ask yourself while you’re staring at you hungry kids. Wouldn’t you fight to keep that survival check coming? That’s always been his personal army not the alphabet agencies. The sheer lack of numbers within the alphabet agencies prohibits it from occurring but that’s not the case when almost 50% of your population is dependent on some sort of Government handout. Masses on welfare provides adequate numbers and they’re being paid a fraction of what it would cost compared to alphabet agencies taking on the task.

You’d better have that exit strategy in place tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day. For those who still choose to doubt once again study your history. Anybody remembers Rome, China, Greece and yes even Great Britain. What makes you think for a moment it can’t happen to America.

I’m posting a YouTube that clearly reveal how sad the situation is. Look it doesn’t matter whether you’re the dog or the pony fact is you’re still part of the show. Many of my readers may have already seen the confrontation between Cenk Uygur and Alex Jones at the RNC. Personal sidebar, I’ve always admired Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. Actually that admiration extends out to the whole crew. However they let their emotions get the best of them when Alex Jones pulled them into his trap. Anyone who ever said there’s no such thing as bad publicity is just wrong. Watch this fiasco and then you decide.

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I understand sometimes the moment anger sets in the brain goes into a damage control mindset. It lashes out in defense. I’ve done it many times myself. It would have been much better to just sit back and let Jones continue to make a fool of himself. He’s actually rather good at that. The public (me and the millions) could easily see he wasn’t invited. He never is. As a side note co-anchors yelling several times on camera you fat f*ck is hardly what I’d deem professional. I wish it were a better result and it would have been if the path of flow over force was taken. Even thoughUygur was 100% right the viewing public is left with a questionable immage of his actions.

But I guess they’re “Young Turks” and hopefully over time will learn by experience. As prior mentioned it’s an easy trap to fall into. I’d love to have a chat with Cenk someday quite often he brings up some good points but since our second site www.somethingfeelswrong.com is a new addition to our sister site www.drescapes.com  and as Cenk repeatedly mentioned in another YouTube after Jones departed smiling “Jones has a small audience, he want to latch on and grab their huge following”.  So with that in mind I don’t feel I’ll get the chance to anytime soon.

I suppose it proves once again EGO is the biggest three-letter word in the dictionary. I suppose I’ll have to be satisfied with the likes of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, James Westley Rawles and Dmitry Orlov. You know the little people the commoners with small audiences.

In closing I guess when I look over the whole circus a few things come to mind. One I’m glad I’m not there. Two I’m glad I somehow did the math and back in 1985 figured out this was unsustainable and third the late George Carlin. Why George Carlin “America America God shed its waste on me and hides the pines with billboard signs from sea to oily sea.” Until next time.

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