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Truth is Paul Craig Roberts

My description of the man is quite simple. He's a True Patriot a class act and what every country would love to call a citizen.

My description of the man is quite simple. He’s a True Patriot a class act and what every country would love to call a citizen.

One of my readers sent me a couple of recent posts by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. To provide you with a brief Bio I pasted this directly from Dr. Roberts site. He’s obviously well respected and in the know.

“Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.”

Yes a true patriot. Paul Craig Roberts.

Yes a true patriot. Paul Craig Roberts.

Since our introduction through the DR Escapes site this particular reader and I have become good friends. He knows me well enough to appreciate I don’t follow any mainstream media sources. Perhaps this is why rarely do I ever cut and paste posts from other sites. However Dr. Roberts doesn’t fall into that realm. His site is excellent and I’m copying two examples of why I feel that it is. First article titled “Washington Drives the World to War” and the second is “If You Value Life Wake Up”. Both of these are MUST READS! After digesting what’s being said I’m confident you’ll understand why I find myself thumbing through his site every chance I can.

I’m taking the time to re-post these two quotes below with one purpose in mind. It’s for those still sitting in the caboose on the train of control. Mind control! Reconfirming from a previous post released a few days prior to Roberts noteworthy information. Below is copied from “Fear the primary weapon” post.

Hegel’s “Hegelian Dialectic” the use of what Passio terms “chaos sorcery” is where David Icke coined his “problem reaction solution” phrase.  A theory to better understand fear based consciousness and why it always works against us.

Passio revised Icke’s phrase and coined “chaos confusion opportunity“. He felt it better described the process in how he explains the pathways of achieving the final goal. The total submission of the population allowing total control. 

It’s saddening how many folks I meet that are totally locked in the cage of fear. Seriously they continue to buy into this staged bullshit and in the next breath are attempting to reconfirm how awake they think they are. They still don’t realize that as long as people are depending on someone else to take care of them the price they’ll be paying is a reduction of their freedoms.

Take for example the ever popular offerings. You want protection from manufactured enemy the terrorists? Require some added security from the kidnappers waiting around every other corner? What about all those armed citizens. Want us to better protect you? No problem but first we have to take some precautions. You’ll have to work with us in order to insure your one of the good guys. “We have to ask, you do understand we’ll need total cooperation right ?” This isn’t going to be easy to accomplish.

We’ll be necessitating photo I/D’s of everyone in your family. Next we’ll need to license everyone owning a weapon. After that we’ll need a separate license if you actually plan on carrying that weapon on you. It’s in your best interest to allow us to record you in your own home and in addition have cameras filming you on every other city street, agreed?

Did we mention the only way to really protect you is to have us monitor all of your emails and phone conversations? We’ll also be tracking all your bank transactions. It’s our only way of exposing laundered funds. You’re good with all this right? You did say you wanted us to protect you? Well it’s the only way we can.

The points I’m trying to convey is the following. No matter what you want elected positions to remedy for you the cost remains the same. A reduction of your personal freedoms. The alphabet sectors you’ve trusted with important aspects of your life have been screwing you. Your money retirement safety personal well-being and of course the grandest noun of them all FREEDOM have been placed in the wrong hands. Get over it and begin dealing with the fact you’ve fucked up. That’s right YOU!

Otherwise decide what amount are you willing to pay before it’s enough? I receive hundreds of emails regarding loss of freedoms but rarely anything more than that. An email venting frustration nothing more. Think for yourself then take action!

If anyone has anything worthwhile to add I’d love to hear it. Together we need to take action. We voted with our feet and vacated that train decades ago. It’s always been up to you. You’re the one that has to believe in yourself. Take care of your own well-being. Either continue to stay on the train and keep getting screwed or get off it and start laying you own tracks. Hopefully in a different direction. It’s your choice and always has been. Until next time.

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