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The Order Takers

The Order Takers

The Order Takers

Before beginning this post I want to clarify something.  Perhaps consider it some sort of disclosure similar to what’s found at the bottom of most web sites. “It is acknowledged and understood that all subject matter including: posts, information, photos, YouTubes and any other means of communication found on the www.somethingfeelswrong.com web site and the Something Feels Wrong YouTube channel is done solely with the intention of promoting what is a higher respect for the race in which we all animate within, the human race”.

It's space that connects everything in the universe. We're all one.

It’s space that connects everything in the universe. We’re all one.

It’s out of respect for the race I take the time that it takes providing these posts and videos. Respect for the race is why I bring up controversial subjects. I don’t favor any specific religion or any color of a person’s covering. The information delivered holds true for everyone inhabiting this sphere we call earth. I simply do it for the race, the human race and of course for myself. WHY because the feeling of contentment lasts. It doesn’t fade away as with material satisfaction.

In spite of personal opinion we’re all first born human and everything else that follows is merely a labeling. You’d be well served by understanding this or it’s already over with and the other side’s won. United we can accomplish anything divided we’re little more than slaves to our current controllers. If you think I’m mistaken look around then repeat the process and think again. Like the path we’re currently on? What about the path laid out in front of us leading to what we call the future?

I’m fully aware the subjects I discuss in these posts are going to generate a lot of strong objection and that’s OK. As long as it opens up a few cans that were previously sealed shut it’s all worth it. Research is the can opener and if the content inside the can is not already stale from age it’s quite salvageable. To date we’ve done well with our endeavors. Take what follows as an example of what can happen when the can is finally opened. The video below expresses true bravery.

American Soldiers speak out against the wars and accuse the government or crimes


America’s vets are coming out and publically acknowledging how disgusted they are with their country. They’re pouring out their repulsed feelings of being used as pawns in a corporate chess game while all along maiming and killing innocent people. Every war since the Spanish-American war has been a hoax! War means big money for corporations who have successfully taught their so called unwashed to bend at the knee.  It’s all been a grand hoax which has taught the masses how to first kneel then praise and lastly support their self-elected corporate masters.


So patriotic so why is it always your children on the front lines.

So patriotic so why is it always your children on the front lines.

By now I’m sure several rusted cans have already been offended. If you happen to be one of them then stop being offended and start putting that energy into doing some research! Those already snubbed obviously can’t grasp that it’s out of respect not disrespect for those who have served and died that this article comes to print. All lives are too precious to be wasted under false flag facades that only benefit big corporations and psychopathic oligarchs. When I use the term oligarch I’m not necessarily referring to someone who’s Russian.  The west end of the globe‘s got plenty of them we just call them corporate executives and politicians. Same shit different pile.

We're all to blame if we continue to buy into these false flag wars

We’re all to blame if we continue to buy into these false flag wars

Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Henry Kissinger once said “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy” The mask’s been removed. People are waking up understanding flags are bits of colored cloth that Governments use first to shrink wrap people’s brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury their dead.

There’s a paradigm shift upon the horizon. In order to prevent any further avoidable deaths we must all ride this wave exposing the lies of the American corporate empire. In fact the time is now for exposing the lies of all psychopathic empires. Geography is no longer a reasonable excuse. As a species it’s our differences that make us great. All that’s missing is learning how to accept them. When an honest man realizes he’s mistaken; he will either cease being mistaken or seize being honest. It’s time to stop being order takers and start questioning everything. As Mark Passio eloquently phrases it “You don’t have the right to be ignorant when it affects my freedoms” The world needs more honest brave people as in the video above. At least it’s a start. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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