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Survival Asking the Correct Questions, PT 2 What About Weapons

You'll be facing a 66.5 to one weapons ratio. Like those odds and I'm not saying you don't need weapons so don't even go there. Linear thinking or cyclical thinking. Options I'm talking about options.

You’ll be facing a 66.5 to one weapons ratio. Like those odds and I’m not saying you don’t need weapons so don’t even go there. Linear thinking or cyclical thinking. Options I’m talking about options.

One of the most popular areas I field questions on relates to firearms. Westerners love their guns. At the end of the following few paragraphs it’s my desire that the information brought forth will open your mind to new ways of considering both the value and the importance of owning fire arms. I’ll tell you right now owning fire arms is important but by the end of the next few paragraphs I hope you’ll realize a different understanding of what value is actually derived by owning vast amounts of firearms.

You had better learn to change the way you've been taught to think. Your survival depends on it. Remember the masses are ALWAYS WRONG!

You had better learn to change the way you’ve been taught to think. Your survival depends on it. Remember the masses are ALWAYS WRONG!

People often ask me: What amount of firepower is needed to best survive what lies ahead? What ammo reserves should I have on hand? There are several twists on the same basic question but you get where I’m coming from. Basically what do I need to best protect myself and my family?

Honestly I’m not in the position to accurately answer that. As with most subjects the answer is not as simple as black white yes or no.  As it turns out so often the answer lies within the various shades of grey. Answers will vary from country to country and then further divide depending on areas within that country. Remember the example where I used the pool table in the first part of this post. Violence will act out in pockets not in uniform.

To further backup my previous pool table example read the following analogy. I’m receiving several emails from my subscribers over in Venezuela. All the click bait fishermen or fear porn stars have been focused solely on the capitol. Almost 100% of the media coverage has taken place in Caracas. WHY because fear sells, try not to forget this. Caracas would be equal to New York or LA in America. More so it would be equal to Santiago Domingo or Santiago in the country I’m currently residing in. What have you been told about staying away from large congested urban cities when the SHTF?

Several of these emails have mentioned rather clearly. Here’s a few examples. There’s nothing at all close to that happening in our region. Why do they scare people like that? Sure the big cities but in the country we’ve got nothing but food. We grow it and have for decades. Please tell me why they try to scare people like that. And I got news for you it’s the same in the region my family lives in. Food and plenty of it nothing but growing food.

The fruits are falling off the trees! A good portion can be found rotting on the ground it’s that plentiful. Our meat is walking in the abundant fields. Our fish comes from less than two miles away and all of the little boats are equipped with sails should fuel ever be an issue. Best of all most of our water supply is GRAVITY FED! So much the same as the destinations of these emails as long as we have rain nature takes care of the rest. Think about the previously mentioned pool table think of the pockets but most of all concentrate on the neutral areas among the table. That’s where you might want to place your balls, billiard balls that is.   

Moving forward I want to first share some factual information. If absorbed perhaps it might switch on a light that will shine a beam in a different direction. In doing so a previously unthought-of destination is liable to appear from the abyss of confusion. As always I’ll follow with providing an example of what might be a more correct question. A better question that yields the information that may provide a greater margin of safety. After all what do weapons do other than provide a greater margin of safety?

To best answer the above question on weapons I started pulling some data. I wanted to start off by finding the number of civilian firearms within the nation. The data came up as 242 million in 1996, 259 million in 2000 and 310 million as of 2009. Just a side bar if the figure of 310million civilian weapons is correct it means that the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency was an inflection point. It marked the first time that the number of firearms in circulation surpassed the total U.S. population.

To determine the current number I found some conflicting numbers. Currently there are anywhere from 312 million to 357 million total guns in the nation. This is excluding exported guns being manufactured but shipped out for sale in other parts of the world. Just to be clear if you average out both estimates you have somewhere around 345 million weapons in the nation. People that’s a shitload of weapons!

Instead of taking the linear approach and focusing on what guns I may need why not ask something that might yield you more useful information like: What percentage of the population is stocked and prepped to withstand 6 months of off grid survival? If you do you’ll soon find out how dismal the number is. Let me be generous and suggest 1.5% of the population is ready for the above question. Trust me I am being VERY generous using 1.5% as a basis of citizens capable of total off grid living for six months.

Now remove any remaining linear thought and rethink this but from a cyclical viewpoint. The 98.5% of the population that’s unprepared is also ARMED! And they are armed with much the same weapons as you are. The only key difference is they are UNPREPARED! Now stay with me on where I’m heading and continue by asking yourself the following. Everybody’s got to eat correct? The vast majority of the 98.5% unprepared also have kids to feed correct? Again by further crunching some numbers let’s have a second look at what I hope reveals to you a more truthful view of what this scenario is all about.

The population in America is currently hovering around 320 Million. At the given percentage of 1.5% leaves 4,800,000 folks who can survive six months off grid. Great hope you’re one of them but what about the over 315 Million who are not? What about the over 315 Million equally armed but UNPREPARED people who also have hungry kids to feed? Hell everyone’s got to eat so it’s not just the kids it’s everyone!

So let me sum this up and perhaps provide you with a bit more clarity. There will be 315,200,000 more or less equally armed but unprepared people out there. Therefore do the math and you’ll discover for every one weapon owned by the prepped there are 66.5 more or less equal weapons owned by the UN-prepped. In other words it’s a 66.5 to one ratio AGAINST YOU!

I understand the above example is averaging across the entire nation and results will vary (the pool table) but by how much. That in of itself might be another good question you should be asking. Trust me when I say those are shitty odds. I’m not even taking into consideration other factors such as age, fitness, mental stability or a host of other game changing possibilities. Like I mentioned America loves its guns but in this case I believe a logical open minded person would realize the odds are stacked against them.

I’m not asking for you to agree or disagree. All I am attempting to point out is by asking the correct questions one might benefit by unfolding additional information in which to seek safety. Safety is the key objective when formulating a flexible well balanced plan B.

I hope this post generated some benefit for all who took the time to read it. My purpose is not to ridicule but to open up folks to cyclical thinking. Your survival may well depend on it. Start asking the correct questions. Lastly reconsider the most often overlooked part of most people’s plan B which is an exit stagey. We all need one and as plans go it’s only is going to be of value if it’s already in place when needed.

No expert in anything just better prepared than most. Flexibility in everything reduces the chances of breakage in anything.

No expert in anything just better prepared than most. Flexibility in everything reduces the chances of breakage of anything.

Start learning how to think in a cyclical fashion. Your survival along with your families may depend on it. Right now I think I’ll end this post and go ahead with ordering the camouflage pants mentioned in part one. One key difference though I’ll be ordering the GREEN pants. I won’t need to worry about the shit stains since our plans have commenced decades ago.

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