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Ready To Hit The Beach

Anyone who’s ever muttered the phrase “where’s the beach” should have no trouble enjoying this final video in the series. The unspoiled natural beauty even had me set back in awe and coming from a person who’s been in more than 100 countries that really says something. The geographical layout is nothing short of postcard quality. Come along for the ride across some of the nicest eye candy you’ll see in any country.

After some needed servicing on Yota and a couple of discovery tours, I’ll be leaving for a four day adventure covering some of the nicest areas of the SW region. We’ll be heading out to the areas of Los Patos, Cabo Rojo and la Cueva just to name a few.  Of course many of the roads I’ll be taking aren’t on GPS as they’re little more than cut roads. Those who can appreciate something different will undoubtedly enjoy the change. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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