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Three Amigos on a Four Day Excursion

When three good friends take off on a four day excursion it’s almost guaranteed the good time will roll. That’s exactly what happened when my buddies Alduino and Johnny joined me on what turned out to be over 1000 KM’s of travel in four short days. If you’re up for it why not strap yourself in and bump on down the road with us. I phrase it that way because almost 300 KM’s were off road. It’s the first of several videos and boy we all had a blast.

We experienced fine food everywhere we stopped to eat. During the evening we passed around the rum and lit some of the finest cigars you could ever taste. Our excursion ranged from sea level to just under 8000 feet above. We enjoyed a wide range of scenery that spanned from palm trees to evergreens. We even camped one night on a white sandy beach about 50 feet from the shore line. This excursion covered it all. Even though Alduino was born in the DR after this trip says “amigo you are one crazy gringo that is full of life. Even though you are sixty and I am forty four it was hard to keep up. I hope I can be that way when sixty, I love that.” Was a great change for all of us but the best part was knowing Cabrera is our home base. With over a quarter of a million miles covered in just less than 23 years that’s one fact that hasn’t yet changed, and I don’t think it ever will. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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