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Kudos to Mayor Cavolli

Happy holidays to all our subscribers. While driving through town on Semana Santa (Easter) I bumped into Mayor Cavolli. After a quick twenty minute chat upon leaving it dawned on me how often I see our Mayor around town overseeing the many projects beautifying Cabrera. Whether it’s overseeing the new sidewalks or making sure the projects along the Malecon are being done to spec Mayor Cavolli won’t be far away. Cavolli’ s a hands on guy who gets involved. I for one feel we’re lucky to have him acting on our town’s behalf. Just a short kudos for a guy who deserves to be recognized for all of the contributions he’s done for Cabrera. Have a great holiday and we’ll be seeing you on the road in the back country in fact all around the country. Take some time to reflect on the important times enjoy! Until next time, Barry in DR.

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