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Jim Rogers The King of Smooth

August 28 2018

In my opinion Jim Rogers possesses what I call the total package.

When it comes to possessing the skills to tame any beast I know of no better source than Jim Rogers. On multiple occasions I’ve watched Jim take over the reins and tame the most belligerent interrogator and effortlessly coax them back to reality. I understand we’re currently living in what you might term as a “with me or against me” mindset. Mass Medias have clocked only to reappear resembling a pit bull that won’t let go of what’s in its mouth. Rogers approach seems to grasp the philosophy the harder you pull the tighter the grip will be. How does the “king of smooth” deal with such aggression? By feeding the ego and applying a generous dose of humbleness. For an excellent example click on the video below.

Armed with little more than a smile above a bow tie make no mistake about it Jim Rogers can tame the fiercest beast and make it look easy.

Watching Jim in action is similar to viewing a gold medal performance in figure skating. You can’t hear the blades make contact in either of them. Armed with little more than a smile above a bow tie make no mistake about it Jim Rogers can tame the fiercest beast and make it look easy.

While Jim’s claim to fame might be “Legendary Investor” his various wisdom’s run much deeper. Diversified in both interests and investments those who tune into his interviews are sure to come away with some form of profit. Last post I wrote a few lines about time and attention being commodities. I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “time is money” correct? Jim’s a perfect example on how to SPEND your time wisely. If you do chances are somewhere down the line you’ll profit from it nicely, and if you’re paying attention to the linked video below Rogers reveals what he sees occurring to those who’ve surrounded themselves in what I previously termed gilded bars.

While making no bones about where he sees the future heading Jim does it in a way that steers clear of using any fear porn. While not sugar-coating and as such he repeatedly mentions the future perils of world debt Rogers merely points out the fact that in one way or another it’s got to be paid. He back burners on subjects like how this will be done or the amount of blood that’s going be spilled while doing it. While steadfast in his view regarding how wealth is traveling on a West to East highway Jim tends to focus more on what future opportunities will be present rather than on what doors will be closing. For obvious reasons most other forms of media choose the reverse approach.  Bad news sells right?

The Beast master in action


Rogers has always been an advocate in diversifying your portfolio as well as yourself. Rodgers will be the first to tell you about the necessity of owning tangible assets and in keeping an open mind toward new technologies. One of my personal favorite quotes is “don’t fall in love with your investments.” In closing off this post I want to stress on two other and perhaps even more important skills that I feel Jim’s mastered.  They are humbleness and knowing how to feed an ego. Like I previously mentioned armed with little more than a smile above a bow tie Jim Rogers can remove a fresh steak out of any pit bull’s mouth without even tugging on it. Perhaps if dovetailed to a single point charisma would be the sole remainder. I believe his charisma is the primary root which led to his fortune, and it’s by heeding such wisdom which may eventually lead to your own. Until next time.

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  • Gary Sep 2, 2018, 12:07 am

    Delightful conversation. I’ve listened to him many years. Yes he is smooth but he is very wise. I wish all guests that are interrogated on mainstream programs could learn the art of disarming their hosts like he does. He is self-deprecating when he needs to be, kinda like Rodney Dangerfield. Rogers should start a school called the Jim Rogers School of Taming Asshole Hosts.

    • Barry Sep 2, 2018, 9:01 am

      He really learned this talent. I’ve read a couple of his books. He mentions how he had to learn this as a method of steering the flow into into neutral areas of conversation. Obviously mastered the talent as the host of CNN couldn’t spark him. Yea he’s cool as wet wood. He just won’t ignite.

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