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Are You a Bit of a Lone Wolf

August 26, 2018

What was once misdiagnosed as isolation over time and through knowledge has developed into a deep understanding of truth. It’s real Love and absolute truth that yields the knowledge which eliminates fear. You first have to know the Truth.

At times I’ve wondered if I’m what you might call a bit of a lone wolf though I don’t mean in the social sense. What I’m referring to is the numerous times I find myself standing in solidarity when approaching the subjects of truth and Natural Law. So often I still hear myself saying “Here we go again we’re at the opposite ends of the domino table do I sit here or do I express” Initially all too often I chose to sit there. I now attribute this to my own selfishness.

Are you satisfied with the current Human Condition of this planet.

This lone wolf path that I chose features no final destination. I soon discovered what I was experiencing was actually more along the lines of a never-ending journey encompassing several key stops along the way. It’s at one of these stops that I learned about my initial selfishness. All those times I sat there silent I should have spoken. I should have told the truth. Decades later I still seem to be standing in near solidarity when it comes to the subjects of Truth and Natural Law and this is what I’ve uncovered to be the determining factor of why this keeps occurring.

The general polarity available to us operates on two poles. They are Love and Fear. The initiating expression which results from Love is Knowledge while Fear leads to Ignorance. I’ve uncovered the determining factor, of why this keeps recycling. That fact is FEAR leads to IGNORANCE! Similar to oil and water these polarities don’t mix. What is Love cannot stem from Fear and what is Fear cannot originate from Love. I might add the fact of how little this is understood by the bulk of the population. Based on a worldwide percentage this misunderstanding is running at epidemic proportions.

“Human nature is neither inherently Good, nor inherently Evil. Instead we should consider the Operating Conditions, or the environment in which human beings exist. The Human Condition. Mark Passio” Do you like the human condition the world is currently hovering at? More steadfast than ever before I know the underlying reason to be is Fear leads to Ignorance! I was once there, my wisdom has been derived from hands on experience.

Over time it’s those who stick to the research, it’s the folks who are actively seeking knowledge, who actually Spend Time and Pay Attention to gain this Knowledge. It’s those who invest their inherent and immutable commodities the wisest that reap the grandest rewards. What! you didn’t realize time and attention are commodities? You PAY attention don’t you? You either Save or Spend time correct, so in essence how does any of that differ from how a commodity performs? If you invest your time and attention into things like TV video games and sports then the knowledge received is minimal. However if you invest your time and attention wisely then the return on your investment will be substantially higher.  Time and attention are commodities.

Sooner or later all who seek the truth will come to grips with the following reality. On numerous occurrences you’ll be standing on the stage alone! On many an occasion you’ll be the only person expressing thoughts originating from what most others have long ago already dismissed as an irrational possibilities. When it comes to themes to choose from just take your pick. The depletion of natural resources, war, religion, politics or eroding freedoms and I could think of dozens more. All I can say is in this area I’ve gained a lot of wisdom through personal experience. I now know Fear inevitably leads to Ignorance.

Enlightening one’s self isn’t easy. Personally it took me close to 5 years of unlearning before momentum shifted towards the opposite direction. Unlearning what was previously thought of as iron clad scripture is not an easy task. A bit further down the journey I began understanding that expressing truth won’t necessarily make a person prevalent. From that point it wasn’t long before grasping that’s all just part of the commitment if a person want to elevate themselves. In fact I don’t mind it much because when you become enlightened about Truth and Natural Law the relationships yielded while not large in number are steadfast. They’re committed and firing on all cylinders.

Around the same time is when I discovered what real CARE meant. Not the same care that’s meant when using lower case lettering I mean Real CARE and I learnt what would be involved in expressing it. Real Love is telling people the harsh shit that no one wants to tell them because you really love them on a soul level and they need to understand it. It’s a selfish coward who knows yet sits in their silence. I know I once was one of them.

Traveling down the path of enlightenment you begin to acquire an understanding of what is Natural Law. You now know truth is belligerent by its very nature. You discover a fact that’s been concealed your entire life you learn WHY truth is argumentative. Truth is always at war with what is NOT truth. In fact it always will be. Truth is on a never-ending relentless pursuit of what is not true. Perhaps this serves as why good versus evil and light versus darkness are two of the oldest dichotomies know to humanity.

I now understand that CARE is the core. It’s the cornerstone of what provided the internal strength required. CARE is what’s allowing me to assist all people not just those possessing similar dogmas of my own former beliefs. I’ll never forget the moment I began to realize I don’t care about beliefs I care about humanity. If only I could relive all those wasted hours believing what I was brought up to believe. Belief and knowing are opposite attributes. They say the best time to have planted a tree was about twenty years ago, the second best is right now. Wasting time is just one more way to consume it, to spend it. At times it still angers me knowing I can never retrieve this time to reinvest it more wisely.

Enough time passes and those strong enough to stay the course, those who’ve gained the knowledge reach a pivotal point in their lives. It’s at that crossroad when you determine if you really CARE about humanity. If you do that’s the moment you recognize it becomes your moral obligation to share what has been decoded or what I like to term as de-occulted. Remember the word occult only means hidden, nothing more.

You’ve developed a keen understanding of Natural Law and how it differs from man’s law. No more believing you now know that truth is not dependent on whether or not one wants to hear it, nor is it dependent on the population who happen to believe or not believe. Truth is simply truth. Truth is always objective it is singular. Truth is never subjective! Real truth can never be based on personal opinion or dogmatic belief systems.

Raising awareness is not going to win you any popularity contests however you do begin to understand why all throughout history the masses keep making the same mistakes. You possess the KNOWLEDGE and CARE required so you attempt explaining. That’s when it dawns on you you’re just exercising one more opportunity to play the lone wolf all over again. But this time you no longer consider the negative feedback or the denial. You truly CARE and know it means saying the things that others don’t want to hear. Who ever said that truth is always pleasant? In fact most times it’s quite to the contrary.

Taking this path at times will be a thankless endeavor but you’re now operating at higher frequencies. You know that you CARE you’re no longer looking for thanks or that pat on the back. The mood inside of you begins feeling a deep sense of continuous contentment. You’re insides resonate from peacefulness that comes from knowing. Knowing that you’re doing the right thing, you’re no longer cowering in silence.

No longer can belief satiate your appetite you now need to know you require surety. For the first time there’s a clean cut separation between belief and knowing and so you’ve gained clarity. You now know how and why so many are stuck in fear, fear that eventually leads to ignorance. Believing is the opposite of knowing which would then make it not knowing. That’s exactly what belief is it’s just another way of expressing not knowing. Trust me attempting to explain this is not going to yield many smiles, but again truth is not dependent on smiles.

It’s a given that we’re all operating at various levels of acceptance. We’re at different planes of understanding. When attempting to enlighten others those that have been doing it for any length of time accept the fact even when asked and by simply sharing a well-researched factual piece of information you may spark a fire. There’s no consideration of the fact that you were first asked the question. Not a second thought of you’re just acting the role of the messenger. What you’ve expressed may not even be your personal view. The recipients fail to inquire if you agree, disagree or lie somewhere in between but you now understand. When held in ignorance people simply react. Eventually you learn how to better choose your words but no matter how vast the vocabulary should the information contradict a long held belief chances are you’ve ignited a raging inferno rather than a simple fire. FEAR always leads to IGNORANCE.

Fear has delayed the uncovering of once occulted information capable of creating the existence of a better human condition for us all. Because of Fear this information even though available for the most part lies dormant and ignored, yet we all seem to want change from the current direction the world’s heading in, the current human condition.

For the time being the greater percentage remain bounded by their gilded bars. For them it’s still less painful remaining in fear rather than risk taking a peek of what lies on the other side. Remember truth is not dependent by acceptance. I know this percentage is changing as more and more are starting to take notice. However Action is required! Nothing happens till some level of force is applied to it. Thought Force then Action is what’s required for they are the causal forces. Change whether for the good or the bad are merely the effects.

Although it saddens me I truly believe that until the upcoming pension crises arrives will the masses take any action. That my friends is a textbook definition of what you term as reactive behavior.  Rest assured numbers don’t lie those bars will be tarnished and tarnished big time. Real truth is not based on acceptance. Real truth is immutable. That’s just another one of those things that nobody wants to hear about yet remains a pillar toward true enlightenment.

Whatever awaits be it peace or chaos, Love or Fear by spreading truth you’ll take peace in knowing as an enlightened being you lived up to your Moral Oblation you CARED! Deep down you know you’ve invested the Time to acquire the knowledge. Arriving at what is by eliminating what is not, affirmation through negation. Perhaps Carl Jung said it best ” One does not become Enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular” On the deepest levels that’s all any deity could ever ask of a being visiting the world of the five senses. By recognizing what might first have been misdiagnosed as isolation and now knowing that its not is when you’ve truly become enlightened. You stopped believing you now know! Until next time.

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