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Ignorance has no Limits – MMA Weigh In With Masks

Einstein once said “Genius has its limitations but ignorance is limitless.” and each day forward it’s become more apparent he was correct. Just look at what we’ve become and NO not just since the lockdown either. This reduction of humanities’ frequencies has been an ongoing organized plan for many ages. The reason for the recent world events were to a large degree like a perfect storm.

First part of the storm is the economy. The economy was most definitely on life support and has been for far too long. We should have had a major reset years prior. THERE WAS NO RECOVERY FROM 2008! Post 2008 the nations of the world have been in a contest seeing who could kick the can down the road the furthest and since the US is by far the biggest debtor nation in the world I guess they won.

The second part was the virus itself. The timing of its arrival lined up perfectly with the failing economy. In all probably it was the last chance for governments to save face and dodge responsibility for actually being the culprits who through massive amounts of corruption caused it. After all how can a rational mind blame a government on a deadly pandemic that forced a total global lockdown?

Currently the nations of the world are facing divides not only among themselves but within themselves. In prior posts I’ve mentioned several times about pyramids within pyramids. When understanding that concept immediately you will begin to recognize we’re facing an excellent case of it. Technology has made it easier to lie to the billions rather than convince them they’ve been lied to.

To date there are only two reasons that I’m aware of that will still cause the highest percentage of human beings to drop their differences? I’m not saying we’ll all get along I’m only saying that the majority will for the better part come together as if they were fighting a common enemy, which we all are. Some may refer to this as the greater good.

These two reasons are an invasion from some sort of alien source or a deadly health threat that affects the world. That’s it. Just in case anyone’s thinking war you’d be mistaken. War is limited to certain areas and diminishes the further away from the epicenter and just like an earthquake does it diminishes. These are two totally different scenarios.

This exaggerated pandemic was created to inject fear into nearly 100% of the world’s population only to take their minds off of the crashing economies of the world. By various levels of elected officials we were all told stay home do nothing and let us lead you. We mentors look at it as just another way of saying those 8 most dangerous words that if ever heard should cause the recipient to be running for the hills! They are “I’m from the Government I’m here to help”.

Being held prisoner by their ignorance and fear, a growing number of folks resorted to remain paralyzed and simply rely on the words of their beloved Government. They sat at home and in many cases literally let everything they’ve ever worked for go down the drain. Those who listened to their bought and paid for elected did the damage to themselves and they did it solely by listening to bad information!

Even though the factual evidence clearly shows that it was Fauci who actually brought this virus over from the US and delivered it to Wuhan, fear so often shifts a facemask from the nose and mouth and relocates it over the eyes. I recommend anybody wanting a clear picture of the entire ordeal from the botched aids vaccine to why the numbers in autism, asthma and cancer POST the commencement of vaccine programs are soaring through the roof, read Dr. Judy Mikovits’s latest release “Plague of Corruption.  It’s worth repeating all of these abnormal increases are POST VACCINE!

Most readers know that governments “Never let a good crises go to waste” and since control of the media is clearly theirs, it made for an easy task to take a normal seasonal virus and elevate it to some deadly killer on par with the likes of bubonic plague.  Since the vast percentages derive their information from those same sources what would you expect that to do? If the person is ignorant the first thing they’d do is panic, then would listen to whatever information is being provided and take it as gospel. I have just described three and a half months of lunacy and pretty much covered it in these last two sentences. Like Einstein once said ignorance has no limits. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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