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Are we human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience?

While recently reading a blog from Martin Armstrong the subject of consciousness dominated most of its contents. Those who’ve known me for any length of time, know I have a passion for studying history, the quantum sciences and perhaps most of all consciousness. I’ve long had the passion of researching consciousness. Where does it come from, how does it function, does it even exist and if it does is it our soul? These represent a few of the many queries that I’ve studied for years looking for answers.

With knowledge comes change but are we hard-wired to resist?

Some of mankind’s most unnerving questions have always been what exactly is consciousness and if it exists then where did it come from? If it does exist then what contrivance operates it? In other words what drives it?

In the Zohar it states “there’s nothing in everything and everything in nothing”. Could it be that Armstrong is referring to what’s mentioned over 3500 years prior when he mentions “Is consciousness everything yet nothing specific at the same moment”.  These are deep subject’s not simple theories to enlighten upon. Perhaps that’s why I find them so intriguing.

Did we human beings always possess consciousness? History reveals that we have and for millions of years. Archaeology proves this to be correct through the study of ancient drawings. Hunting in group’s, common dwellings, and compassion all support as human beings we were always at least self-aware. So what triggers this awareness, what mechanics drive it? Many revert back to the soul for their response. The religious revert to God. So which one is it or is it either perhaps its both?

Do animals have consciousness and if so, is it limited exclusively to mammals? Does the amount of consciousness possessed reflect intelligence? Are there different areas of consciousness such as moral, legal, ethical and political? If so do our elected leaders face a lack of in the moral area? I for one think this statement holds water. Its part of the root to understanding the political issues we’re all currently facing. Certainly greed and ego play a big part, but delving a bit deeper the question then becomes are greed and ego part of our consciousness?

Is this why as humans we never seem to learn from our previous mistakes? Several upheavals, the Dark Ages, world wars, staged events and mass killings of the innocent over millennia. Has our consciousness evolved to such a low-frequency that this is the new normal? With the reintroduction of the sabre rattling between the US, China and Russia are we destined to keep repeating these catastrophic errors until we annihilate ourselves? Is that the master plan of this whole big experiment we call creation?

For hundreds of years those in the science realm have been informing us that any ideas pertaining to spirituality and consciousness are little more than superstitions. We’re told they’re fallacies and they’re fantasies that were self-created. Self-created foolish nonsense originating from nowhere so we’re told, but that statement alone forms a reasonable portrayal of what consciousness is.

I’m pleased to see the science world has progressed far beyond they’re primitive view and is now accepting the fact that far more exists in the spiritual than previously believed. What was thought as accurate science yesterday is barbaric today. Technology changes everything and that’s exactly why science has evolved to the point of excepting the spiritual world. Now all of this is provable and it’s the quantum sciences that have made it possible.

Back in 1964-65 the science world was gutted of its previous understandings. The discovery of the quantum world the smallest matter opened a new level of understanding and for the first time science had the tools to answer what was previously dismissed as superstitions. The discovery of quarks led to what is currently the tiniest known matter called particles. The spiritual implications of this “new science” were so great many in the science community referred to it as “the most profound discovery in science”, but of course as with everything the opposite held true.

Because the discovery of particles was so extreme, vast changes to the understanding of the spiritual implications were sure to be right around the corner. For many in the science community it was too much to accept. Still today some remain stubborn and resist, even though the theories offered over four decades ago have long been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be true. The theories of the mid-sixties have been confirmed in 1000’s of labs all over the world. There’s no more question it’s fact.

Those who are interested read The Next Big Bang Consciousness.  Again the advances in technology have allowed us to discover what is known as a ClaustrumThe depth contained in both pieces surpasses the scope of this blog. The take away point of this post is to raise the question could it be the very consciousness we possess that actually makes us so resistant to change and in a large part why we keep on making the same mistakes over and over again?

Perhaps Nobel Prize recipient Max Planck said it best “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” An excellent example although coming from a different angle will serve as the reason why our next generation won’t understand what privacy is. For them having all their privacy invaded will seem perfectly normal. That’s correct I’m referring to your future children and grandchildren. For them the Government owning all their personal information will seem perfectly normal. I did mention in several past posts that they were devious didn’t I?

For many the universe is beginning to resemble an organism, a conscious entity. Back in the sixties the discovery of the quantum sciences dispelled coined sayings like this one from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer “if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” from a cute play on words into realities. There’s a paradigm shift from the physical to the conscious and I’m so grateful for it but I still can’t help but wonder. Will our consciousness (or lack of ) be what eventually leads to our own demise? Until next time. Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Mar 19, 2017, 9:13 pm

    Here are my comments. These are some of my options to explain what happens to humans.

    1. Human civilizations have been born, grown and died many times not only on earth but elsewhere in the solar system. The problem is that the next civilization after the catastrophe doesn’t have any memory of what happened before so the same mistakes are repeated. (a) According to very believable sessions done by remote viewing at the Farsight.org there was a very developed civilization here on earth maybe 100 years ahead in advancement that ours maybe 50,000 years ago that did an experiment that drilled down to the earth core and caused the destruction of most of human civilization. (b) A very advanced civilization about 12,000 years ago was wiped out by massive flooding caused by either a meteor hitting the northern hemisphere thereby melting the ice or by the explosion of a water bearing planet between Mars and Jupiter. We’re getting close to discovering a very advanced civilization either happened before or is alive now under Antarctica. (c) Dr. John Brandenberg has proved that there was a nuclear explosion or explosions on Mars and you can see human debris on the photos from Challenger. There was some type of cosmic war that took place and Dr. Joseph Farrell has written extensively how the Giza pyramid was some kind of weapon.

    2. I have felt for a long time that it just doesn’t make sense why humans do such terrible things to other humans. It doesn’t make sense that some powerful humans really hate the human race in general. What if the ones who are the real power behind some powerful nations are actually not humans at all but are alien beings who either want to destroy us or enslave us. Or what if a class of humans just believe that they are genetically different from the rest of us and are superior to us. It just makes more sense to me. They have have found giant humans with elongated skulls which at least raise the possibility that a very advanced human-like race came from space, settled here and enslaved humanity. Look at some of the shapes of heads from the Mayans and the Egyptians. Many are elongated.

    3. Whether the above is true or not then another explanation as you stated Barry is that there is something self-destructive in our consciousness. Maybe powerful beings are testing us to see if we can advance and ascend to a higher dimension or density. Maybe it’s kind of like a video game where we go to a higher level when we are victorious against challenges and we gather points. It’s also been speculated that we are just characters in a very advanced computer simulated game and that our consciousness comes from the creators of the game. Could God just be a teenager equivalent in a very advanced technocratic civilization whose creation of our universe is a high school experiment.

    Don’t think too much about it. It may drive one crazy.

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