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What Would 20 Trillion Dollars Actually Look Like?

Seriously ever wonder what 20 Trillion Dollars would look like?

With the western nation debt nearing 20 Trillion I knew it wouldn’t be long before several new releases depicting visual analogies of what 20 Trillion dollars actually looks like would begin to appear. Low and behold I guessed right. Only made sense it would follow the previous segments starting way back when the nation’s debt hit its first Trillion. Really if you’ve never realized what 20 Trillion dollars physically looks like, I assure you you’re in for a shock, a shock that perhaps might serve as a real wake up call. Currently as I’m writing this post the US debt stands just shy of 20 Trillion Dollars!

I’m sure all those reading my posts have already heard the term “Light- Year” but very few would be able to explain how the term came to be. While the complete history is beyond the scope of this post a brief explanation is in order. Why…for better understanding of just how big a deficit the western nation current holds and because of interest it’s virtually impossible to overcome.

Humans have always had difficulty understanding vast distances and large numbers.

Science has long understood that people have great difficulty comprehending vast distances and large numbers. To better understand how vast a distance was and since everybody understood light moves extremely fast, it was calculated the distance light would travel over the course of a year. This was called a Light-Year. Researchers soon discovered by adding the element of time and attaching it to the distance people were able to better grasp the massiveness. The same holds true for numbers. It’s easier for most to comprehend the immensity of a large number when it comes from a visual theme.

Words roll off the tongue easily but can you grasp the reality of them that’s the question. This short YouTube provides an excellent example of what’s meant by grasping the reality of the words. Every day and in all forms of media we hear or read about the western nation’s 20-Trillion Dollar Debt! Sounds serious but most think we’ll pull through again just like we always have in the past.

Take out those suffering from denial and the percentage of sheer ignorance contained in all nations citizenry and it still remains a fact the vast percentage remaining will have a problem understanding the reality of a number so large. Their only words, right? Comment if you still feel the same way after viewing this short YouTube.

What 20 Trillion Dollars Would Actually Look Like:


I hope by watching this YouTube your mind has been jarred open allowing you to create a better understanding of how serious a situation the nation finds itself in. Have you ever asked how many US Dollars actually exist? In 2013 one could expect to find approximately 10.5 trillion US Dollars in existence, using the M2 money supply definition. If you just want to count actual notes and coins, there are about U.S. $1.2 trillion floating around the globe.

With a debt approaching 20 trillion dollars how can anybody argue that we’ve not already gone digital with our currency long ago? Today everything is either a debit or a credit entered on a spread sheet. In the movie Jerry Maguire it was mentioned “Show me the money” and I second that statement show me the money. We can’t because its digital! Side note, eliminating cash is very different from going to a digital currency. Make no mistake we’ve been digital for quite some time now.

In a second short video I also hope to paint a picture of reality from the words. What is the reality of proposed budget cuts and why it’s not even a drop in the bucket? Since the recent election of Trump there’s no track record yet, so we’ll resort back to the previous President. It really makes no difference whose President it’s irrelevant. The point of watching is so you’ll take away a clear understanding of what the reality is. It’s futile to think these cuts will even scratch the surface in repaying the nations debt. Governments never pay back anything!

Obama Budget Cuts Visualization:


If you still need further convincing click onto The US Debt Clock then sit down and have a cup of coffee. By the time you’re done the accumulated debt grew more than 99% of the people will ever accumulate in several live times. If you now understand NOT THE WORDS but the REALITY of them, the debt that the western nation currently carries becomes a strong incentive for why a backup plan is needed. Everyone needs a plan B preferably one that includes an exit strategy. Those who find themselves without a plan B well… like the entire post references words and reality are two different things.

Should you ever find yourself in a position needing but not having an alternate plan, it’s at that time I can assure you all doubts will be removed from your mind forever!  They’ll now be no more misunderstandings. You’ll experience the difference between words and reality, a very unpleasant experience at best. Until next time.  Barry in DR.



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