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US To Drive A Wedge Between China and Russia

Kind of “spot on” how that’s beginning to unfold. The major glue has always been water. You are not going to drive a wedge between this relationship. Photo BBC News

As mentioned I’m slammed with visitors but wanted to post what I think is an important bit of information. Numerous months prior I shared my thoughts on why I feel it’s going to be very difficult for the US to drive a wedge between China and Russia. Several facts were compiled all backing my suspicion of why it’s not going to happen.  For all those who read the post undeniably the significant take away point was made that the glue that would keep them together above all other things was Water, Fresh Water!

Largest Lake in China Dries Up!

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I mentioned by demographics alone this relationship makes good sense. It would be similar to US not allying with Canada. Both nations border each other! It’s a no brainer both China and Russia as well as the US and Canada are joined at the seams. It only makes good sense that they too would want to build trade and alliance amongst each other.

I touched on several subject’s oil, natural gas and even the new trade route Silk Road would all contribute to what should be a natural partnership. However how I understood it, these would not be the strongest catalyst holding the bond together. That would be Water! Nobody’s talking about the fact that China’s turning into a desert. It’s DRY!

The single largest source of fresh water is located in Russia. Lake Baikal is already supplying China vast amounts of its fresh water. The lake holds approximately 20% of the worlds unfrozen fresh water. Near 23,000 cubic kilometers of fresh unfrozen water! China, well China is fast becoming a desert and it’s because of that fact this relationship is here to stay. It ain’t going anywhere!

Just as I initially suspected several months later I read in RT (Russia Today) that China is proposing a plan to irrigate its drought regions. All of China is a drought region read China wants water!

Think for a moment then ask yourself. If it wasn’t a desperate situation would they be proposing a major pipe line to be run from Lake Baikal through the middle of Mongolia ending in Lanzhou China. Make no mistake about it, this is a real problem and is definitely controlling some important pieces on the chessboard I keep mentioning.

If the US continues this sabre rattling there’s going to be a serious problem that unfolds. The false accusations by the bought and paid for MSM’s then sprinkled over an ignorant population is a recipe for disaster. With the recent 180 degree shift in Trump’s strategies towards relations with Russia and the developing sabre rattling with China, leaves me no doubt as to who is still controlling the western nation. As for now at least I have surety from two former beliefs. First China is fast becoming a desert. Second this relationship ain’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay!

However there is one more belief that’s recently developed strength. While not yet a certainty it’s beginning to appear that the US is intentionally dragging itself towards war. Moreover it appears that Trump somehow has been compromised. The about-face on several key issues has been too abrupt.  Someone has recently demonstrated who still owns the gold and someone else apparently now understands this and what implications it bears. This all happened to quickly. It didn’t originate from Trump. Why most don’t seem to grasp many of these occurrences is beyond imagination.  I can’t think of any reason for it except to say it confirms my belief, that the most dangerous weapon always has been and always will be an ignorant citizenry. That weapon alone is what will eventually drag the western nation to war. A war they cannot win. Until next time this is Barry in DR.





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