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Brexit Facts and Fantasies

What took you so long?

What took you so long?

So for many the unthinkable happened. Brexit I’m astonished it actually took so long in the making. Brexit continues Britain decided to take the first of many steps and begin the process of leaving the EU. I myself was anything but stunned about the decision. Unsustainable immigration issues are currently and for the foreseeable future tearing apart Europe. Apparently this action was the final straw that broke the camel’s back and there’s no pun intended when phrasing this.

A text book definition of what is a cluster fuck.

A text book definition of what is a cluster fuck.

Let’s first check out a few facts and then move towards determining who really needs who. A rather subtle hint similar to an unseen right hook that connects you squarely on the chin is the fact that the rats are fleeing the ship. At the time of writing this post no less than ten elected members of UK’s Government have managed to make their way down the dock lines and abandon ship.

You know the ones who previously swore if elected would honor the people’s choice. And the people’s choice was to proceed with a Brexit from the EU. The people turn around and look for support from their elected officials and what do the witness? Rats fleeing a ship, just one more example of Government at its best. Kind of reminds me of a spoiled child who swipes the game board clean when they’re losing. Did anyone just think of the name Cameron?

A second noteworthy fact is this. It’s illogical to contemplate that anything at all has to change in regards to business or trade between Britain and the EU. Even if the exit succeeds and actually comes to fruition why wouldn’t business and trade remain intact on both sides… just because Britain would no longer be a member of the EU? Think rationally for a moment and you’ll come to the conclusion nothing has to change, well almost nothing.

I almost forgot except of course those hefty fees of 3 Billion Euros a year they’ve been paying as a member of the EU. That’s going to change as Merkel’s soon going to be paying the tab for that. Can’t help but wonder if that’s where a majority of the “end of the world” fear porn’s coming from.

Progressing further with the facts lets continue. So if nothing related to business and trade really needs to change then what will? If the people of Britain can whether the initial short term shock and understand much the same as going to the dentist first is the pain then the comes the relief. Soon enough circumstances will shift directions and begin heading down a positive outcome. Britain has a sound currency the pound. Yes initially it will drop hard but in the long run the pound will prevail over the Euro which is a total lost cause basket case.

Eventually Britain will no longer have to be acquiescent to Brussels.  Over time their relationship will shift and take on a similar relationship as the United States currently enjoys. No longer will they remain lap dogs for the EU. If the Britons would only understand NATO is nothing without the UK. Europe is incapable of defending itself without two elements the United States and the UK… Really Britain!

Another fact Scotland wants to hold their own referendum to separate from the UK LET THEM! Separating from the UK to be independent is one thing but to remain in the EU is total lunacy. Brussels lap dogs all of them but if that’s what they want no longer will it be Britain’s problem. Perhaps one of the most important facts of all is Britain doesn’t need the EU it’s actually the EU who needs Britain and since January 1973 when Britain joined the EU it’s always been that way.

Fact if Britain will hang on during the initial storm front they’ll soon enough be receiving worldwide support from other nations. Everybody loves a winner especially when they were originally the underdog. Not sure why but the theme from Rocky just entered my head. Two days post vote and already six more countries want to hold referendums. Austria, Hungary, Finland, Netherlands, France and Italy all want to hold a referendum and decide stay or leave the EU.

Merkel’s lucky to still be there after the damage she caused but even so I assure you is this too is short lived. Germany’s cooked by immigration issues as is France the ships already beginning to list badly and soon she will be sinking. Face it the EU was a stupid idea from the beginning and the UK never really wanted to be part of it. Lucky for them they initially held out for better concessions or they too would have found themselves in a similar situation as Greece does currently. Britain was smart to retain its own currency. If they didn’t I wouldn’t even be writing this post.

One final fact I want to bring to attention before addressing what actually has changed. Respect is earned not given. I want to credit Martin Armstrong with the following paragraph:Obama arrogantly told the Brits back in April they had to go “to the back of the queue” and would not be able to strike a trade deal with America “anytime soon” if it left the European Union. This showed just what politicians have become — buffoons who will say anything to win the moment. Now Obama is saying, “The people of the United Kingdom have spoken, and we respect their decision. The special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is enduring, and the United Kingdom’s membership in NATO remains a vital cornerstone of U.S. foreign, security, and economic policy.” He continued, “The United Kingdom and the European Union will remain indispensable partners of the United States even as they begin negotiating their ongoing relationship to ensure continued stability, security, and prosperity for Europe, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the world.” As I mentioned earlier NATO is nothing without the UK… without Britain.

The US as usual flip flops more than a cheap pair of beach sandals. Mirroring ancient Rome the US is pounding its chest on all other nations. One by one the they are leaving and allies are now becoming scarce. We all know what soon follows… think Sparta. What a demoralized mindset the western nation currently finds itself in.

So what’s possibly going to be altered because of the Brexit? The short answer is not a damn thing. As a result of Brexit are there any bankers who will be prosecuted for their crimes? What about the politicians. The answer is NO. Because of the yes vote will nations revert back to a raging war on poverty? Doubt it seems more likely they’ll be continuing the current direction of bombing poor people. Will the decision to leave the EU reflect on the fiat system? I don’t think so other than the UK reverting solely back to the pound for their national currency. Will it change anything on how central banking continues to rape most of the planet? We all know the answer to that one. How about taxation is that going change? Perhaps whose pocket might change but other than that… and the answer is NO!

Just because the vote to exit prevailed will true education be returning and indoctrination departing? Nope, Nada and Nunca Más! What about the MSM? Will the exit be forcing media’s into actually do their job which happens to be honest reporting? I won’t even justify that one with an answer.

Now it’s possible one day this potential exit might be viewed as the catalyst that broke NATO and that would be a great accomplishment. Other than that the only things changing are a few new shadow faces and possibly the address you forward your tax payments to.

However “We the people” should consider this some sort of short term victory against the dark forces and there’s nothing wrong with that. But understand a few cheer beers later it’s returning back to the same old shit, never once even thinking quite possibly it was the elites all along who allowed this exit process to begin.

Yes mass immigration will continue to split Europe apart in spite of what the Dali Lama recently had to say about the subject. For all but the minutest amounts in spite of the vote to exit the agenda remains the same. More genetically modified foods, pharmaceutical genocide and opiates for all. None of these crimes are changing anytime soon.

Until we manipulate them numbers don’t lie. It’s a matter of time before the markets begin crashing in Europe and following that the US. Many view this as an easy opportunity to short and make a bundle however I’m betting on Brussels attempting to prevent it by outlawing short selling. Look at it this way Brussels will be putting in the stop call for you but somehow it just won’t be there.

If Britain does choose to hang on they will eventually develop the credibility required as the leading European nation in which to conduct business in. The pound will eventually shift to far exceed the stability of the Euro which is pretty much the walking dead anyway.

The banks will have no choice but follow the money as long term markets always prevail when compared with short term manipulation. Perhaps the entire EU disaster was a predetermined plan of federalization doomed from the beginning. According to the elites they’re never wrong so the fiasco continues to escalate. Once again it’s “we the people” who continue receiving free grease with every shaft they insert so at least enjoy the few beers.

Regardless if its one of the six founding nations or the final entry which by the way just happens to be Croatia July 2013 is of little concern. Anybody who ever thought 28 separate Nations (not states) would ever be able to come to a unified agreement on anything is just plainly out to lunch. I remind you a nation is quite different than a state.

You can compare the differences between a Texan and a Floridian but try comparing the differences between Slovakian and an Austrian. History culture and heritage start taking on huge discrepancies when it comes to formulating agreements among each other. From it’s conception it’s my belief  the EU was a bad idea and has got to go. For any doubters out there just have a look at what’s occurring over in Europe.

It’s natural law that the universe doesn’t respond to what we think, as long as there are others who are organized and funded who think differently. The universe will always respond to the latter. The elites have known this for 1000’s of years dating back to the mystery schools in Egypt and beyond. They’re also extremely well read, organized, enlightened small groups of people. I don’t have to mention they’re also well financed do I? Sick dominate left brain psychopaths they are but they also understand it’s the wielder not the tool that determines its usage.

Compare that to our motley crew which consists of a handful just opening their eyes. Fighting each other in almost every area imaginable while the elites stay lurking in the shadows continuing to let us fight ourselves. Actually they encourage it because it is them who are selling the tickets to all these events. Hell they even control the concessions. They continue placing the vast majority into little boxes labeled politics, religion, new age movement, order takers etc. all along not caring which one we choose. They’re well versed in what divide and conquer is and how to use it.

These sinister sorcerers understand how to create the illusion of freedom. By allowing us to choose which boxes we’ll be satisfied with the misconception that we’re actually free. Belief and truth are vastly different from each other and once truth has been tasted the palate will never be satisfied with belief, NEVER!

In reality the Brexit won’t change anything major although it does have people contemplating in terms of who won and who lost, winners and losers if you will. I remind my readers that kind of thinking ends right after the votes have been tallied and of course is completely linear. Personally I feel the whole performance was a facade just to keep the illusion of democracy in front of the eyes of the half blind masses.

I’m convinced the EU needs Britain NOT the other way around or they wouldn’t be making such a fuss about them leaving. Nonetheless as small as it may be the people did speak up and by doing that apparently more are recognizing the complete scam that we’re living in. Regardless if it comes to a full exit or not occult forces can never take that away. It was a definite start. A first step so to speak and by taking that first step is what began all of our greatest journeys throughout history. I just hope in the near future we don’t trip over our own two feet. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Jul 9, 2016, 9:53 pm

    Hi Barry,

    I think Brexit was a major victory for the forces in Europe who still believe in nations and in sovereignty. The EU actually was an idea first started from the Nazis and continued from the CIA who wanted to unite Middle Europe into a single superstate. The EU’s mission to have an integrated trade organization was just the cover for the real mission which was to get rid of each nation’s sovereignty and hand over control to a central superstate which then would be a model for a one world government. What’s important about Brexit is not just what it will do for the British people but is becoming a lightening rod for other independence movements in other European countries to abandon the EU. The EU is also tied to the hip with the terrible NATO organization. So it’s very possible that as the EU breaks up so too NATO. And that would be wonderful.

    One thing we should realize about Britain. It’s basically a washed-up former world power where the sun never set and has shrunk to just a small island in the North Atlantic. I for one don’t believe in the fairy tale that Britain is #7 in the world for the economy. If you take away it’s bullshit paper derivatives schemes and it’s bullshit paper financial hocus pocus from the City of London then Britain doesn’t have that much to offer as compared to Russia, China and even India. Like the US its one time world class industry has been terribly hollowed out. I think Brexit was supported by some powerful circles in England (for example the Queen) because they think that by being separated they can regain its former glory. Britain, forget about it! Your only power derives from being the lapdog and vassal of the US. Britain should not only abandon NATO but the US and somehow find its niche with the new emerging power of China and Russia with China’s One Belt, One Road Eurasian infrastructure program. If they continue being a vassal of the US they will end up poor and broken.

    Be sure to watch the videos on youtube and subscribe so that this site can have their own youtube channel. I just did that.

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