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Frequencies Are Tuning Us In

Mike Adams the Health Ranger.

Mike Adams the Health Ranger.

Just finished listening to what might be one of the best pieces Mike Adams (AKA) the Health Ranger ever composed. I’m pleased to see him take a sharp turn towards unveiling the awakening of the masses. Mike is delving into what more and more have begun to express and that is Something Feels Wrong.

Seems that over the last four plus years I to have taken notice of the fact that a high percentage of my readers have begun waking up. The vast majority have at least started asking the WHY questions and if it took a couple of characters named Sanders and Trump to shake the cherry tree for them so be it. Good does come from the strangest of places.

Mike Adams: “I’ve heard from many people that they feel a great sense of uncertainty about what’s ahead for our world, our nation and even our own families. Many are frightened by what they see as a vast chasm of uncertainty… others feel a sense of helplessness from being “trapped” in their daily commitments with seemingly no practical way to escape their job, their cities or their financial limitations.”

To one degree or another we're all living in the matrix.

To one degree or another we’re all living in the matrix.

It’s only normal that fear of the unknown at first will seem uncomfortable. In fact you wouldn’t be normal if it didn’t. It’s what lies beyond that initial shock that’s important. Peoples comfort zones function much the same as a muscle that been worked. Once stretched it never retracts to its original size. Your brain has the same tendencies once enlightened it to will never be the same. In fact the only time any of us are ever growing is when we’re uncomfortable. Learn to embrace it instead of avoiding it.

I agree with Mike when he mentions “gaining a new perspective on how these feelings are actually a POSITIVE trait. The fact that you are feeling them isn’t a curse; it means you’re plugged in and have a heightened sense of awareness about events which are about to unfold”

By viewing people’s obvious discomfort from the outside looking in I hope the universal agreement of separation creates clarity prevails.  I’d like to provide a few tidbits of information as to why US citizens seem to be suffering most while trying to accept this as Mike puts it  “Disturbance In The Force” If understood it’s my desire that these few points bring some additional peace and added strength in pursuing a positive path forward in people awakening. It might also help explain why a nation that hosts a mere 5% of the worlds population consumes over 80% of the worlds antidepressants.

First point to consider. It’s the same dark forces that initially provided you with an artificial illusion of “nothing can ever go wrong” that’s causing the present fear most of you are now experiencing. I’m not sure why that is but it is what it is and are facts that shouldn’t be denied. Imagine a nation that 20 years prior finished no lower than 2nd place in every category from education to the quality of life no lower than 2nd. Presently this same nation finds itself not even entering the top ten.

That’s got to have an extreme effect and it does for that same nation currently places first by a wide margin in three critical areas. The highest percentage of incarcerated citizens, the highest percentage of it’s citizens using antidepressants and the highest rate of obesity of any developed nation. What most of you are witnessing is nothing more than exposure to truth. That in itself can be shocking and taking past rankings into account America is the sole nation that has that added shock factor for it’s citizens to contend with.

The nation of America once had the most. Notice I said had the most which in itself adds to my point of why so many are having such a hard time accepting change. It’s only logical if you have the most you also have the most that can be taken away. So naturally the adjustment will be the most severe.

Second point I’d like to address. The matrix makers purposely provided Americans with what I like to term as a birthright mentality. Don’t take offense step back and understand this was done by design. It’s not your fault. In fact it’s been done all through history. Ancient Rome Persia the British empire are just a few of the many examples. It’s natural for humanity to take for granted the luxuries derived when it’s their nation that’s on top of the heap. Accept this reality and move on. If you cannot things are going to be very difficult going forward. The changes will become too much to bear. Paradigm shifts are part of reality. When a nation is on the summit of the mountain and then wavers any direction of movement must me down.

Third point I want to touch on. By design there’s been an almost 100% separation between farmer and family. Most folks are so indoctrinated into this false facade I’m confident many now believe tuna is actually caught in cans. There’s something bad wrong when a nation uses real lemons in dish washing soap and artificial lemons in lemonade.

Reintroduce yourself to real food and learn how to grow some of your own while you’re at it. Trust me you’ve been separated for a reason and are now running less than 1% of the population who are farming. Your food sources are owned by the same corporations that are poisoning you. Understand when a nation’s GDP increases with a higher percentage of sick citizens ask yourself what’s the benefit of having you healthy.

My last point for this post although I can think of several others is this. It boils down to You cannot take something away from someone that they never had to begin with. Even the dark forces can’t figure out a way of perfecting that one. At least not in the physical world YET!

Join Mike Adams in the video below and around the 36 minute mark Mike provides an excellent example of why we named our second site Something Feels Wrong.

Mike Adams: Here’s Why You’re Sensing A Disturbance In The Force

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Mike is one of the very few people who seems to understand the difference between what is violence and what is force. In closing I agree with Mike when he says “We need a global revolution in defense of humanity”. It’s a shame that humanity hasn’t yet figured out how to have one without the casualties. But there is always hope and perhaps one day we will. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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