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Why Strong Support For Trump and Sanders Guarantees Massive Civil Unrest Will Follow

Harry Dent Jr. www.dentresearch.com

Harry Dent Jr.

I ran into a buddy at the market yesterday. For Privacy sake let’s call him Mr. C. We assisted in relocating Mr. “C” and his wife about one and a half years prior.  Since meeting each other seems we really enjoy our time when the four of us have an opportunity to get together. We always enjoy dinners while sharing a bottle of 15 year old rum. OK I lied perhaps it was two bottles but I’m not lying when I mention about it being one of our most enjoyable ways of spending time.  These are good folks I’ve I learned lots from and only can hope the opposite holds true.

Later on that same day I received an email from Mr. “C”. Interesting piece of information from a source many would agree is well respected in his field of expertise. His name is Harry S. Dent Jr. Dent JR. was born in Columbia, South Carolina and is the son of former famed politician Harry S. Dent, Sr. Dent, Sr. Passed away back in October 2nd 2007.

 Harry S. Dent Jr. January 7, 2014

Harry S. Dent Jr.
January 7, 2014

Dent, Jr. is the Founder of HS Dent Investment Management. The aforementioned is an investment firm based in Tampa, Florida that advises, and markets, the Dent Strategic Portfolio Fund mutual fund. Dent is also the president and founder of the Dent Research and H.S. Dent Publishing.

Dent writes and markets an economic newsletter that reviews the economy in the US and around the world by focusing on generational consumer spending patterns, as well as financial markets. He has written nine books, two recent ones being bestsellers.

Below in italics are a few excerpts from the article:

“I made a confession to our Boom & Bust subscribers last month. While I generally advise against owning most real estate, I have a secluded property in the Caribbean. It’s the only property I own (I rent my home in Tampa) and I know for a fact that its value will likely depreciate in the great real estate shakeout I see ahead, although likely by half as much as a high-end property in Florida”. “The reason I own this property is because I see rising chances for civil unrest in the inevitable downturn ahead, especially in the U.S. I want a place to go if things get really bad, and it looks increasingly likely that they will”.

Dent Continues:

The evidence for that is piling up in this year’s presidential race. What we have now, surprising to most political analysts, is a genuine voter revolt against the rich and the establishment. Trump is taking over the Republican Party, and Sanders is threatening Clinton beyond what almost anyone would have forecast a year ago, even if he can’t quite seem to win”. “And it doesn’t matter if Trump can back up most of his statements with facts, or if Sanders’ policies have any chance of being viable economically. They understand what the pundits don’t. The people are angry and they want change”.

Continuing on I’ve copied a few other points of interest along with a graph courtesy of Dent Research www.dentresearch.com pulled from the same article. I’m confident my continuing readers from the DR Escapes site should find very familiar. Much information similar to this has been mentioned in prior posts dating back over the past four plus years.

Middle Class Share of Wealth.

Middle Class Share of Wealth.

Dent Continues:

“The U.S. is the worst!”No wonder the middle class here feels the most dis-empowered!” I have said for a long time that the two countries I most expect to have the worst potential for civil unrest are China… and the U.S”

I’m not disagreeing with anything Dent says actually it’s a rare occasion that I find myself in total agreement with someone else. I noted Dent’s comment “the two countries I most expect to have the worst potential for civil unrest are China… and the U.S” I do feel at this point its noteworthy re-mentioning my position on where Europe stands in comparison.

Over the past years I’ve mentioned extreme political and civil unrest to occur over in Europe. Facts prove these prior thoughts true and still I maintain you will not only see Europe break up but further down the line the U.S. as well! At the time of writing this post the foundations for a breakup of Europe are already well set into place. I’m in agreement when Dent mentions Europe will collapse Sooner than the US. For me it’s Japan first followed by Europe then anyone’s call between the US and China. I believe there’s still to many wild cards left in the deck to accurately call it.

Dent Continues:

“Europe and perhaps China will collapse sooner as we are still the best house in a bad neighborhood. But when the global slowdown and bubble collapse hits the U.S. more dramatically from mid-2016 through late 2017 (and beyond into 2022 or so), expect more widespread civil unrest in the U.S., especially in the latter half of 2017-forward”.

Expect to see a future post covering the subject of Guns in America. The numbers and the realities of how much added security is in owning guns in such an overstocked environment. While I’m in favor of gun ownership I guarantee you that eyes will be opened after reading that future post. You don’t want to miss it.

Dent Continues:

“But the U.S. has the most polarized politics of any major country, and the greatest income and wealth inequality in the developed world. The politics are more polarized than even the Depression and more like the Civil War – and we have over 300 million guns in this country”. “This is when the people stand up and say, quoting Popeye: “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!”

Actually it’s over 340 million guns but who’s counting. Use the above as a reminder of why I previously wrote two of the last pieces of the puzzle have been snapped in place changing the complete picture of where we go on from here. Those pieces Just happen to be Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump but remember they could have been anyone.

So where do we go on from here? It’s a provocative question but perhaps a better question might be so where to you go on from here? Seems that a growing number of prominent respected personalities are starting to recognize a plan B including somewhere else to go makes a lot of sense.

As things deteriorate and the economy worsens heading into the November election expect an already angry middle class an abused middle class to escalate into what turns out to be serious violence. History will repeat! And for me Dent Undeniably Nails it! in this post.

Dent continues:

“Now you see why I have a getaway on an island in the Caribbean. It’s the only place I own real estate that I know may decline somewhat in value for years. That’s what I mean by only owning real estate that is strategic to your life or business”.

Many of you requested a stronger view of what’s commencing and that’s where the www.somethingfeelswrong.com and the Something Feels Wrong YouTube Channel will satiate your appetite. Perhaps after four and a half years of softly telling it like it is on the DR Escapes site you have a better grasp of why we’ve moved ahead with launching our second site.

By doing this we can now provide both interest levels exactly what they’re wanting. For some it’s time to get serious and lose the sugar coating. The pieces have been snapped in place. The picture is now clear no longer can it be mistaken for something other than what it really is and where it’s heading towards. And just exactly what is that?

Whatever happens in November’s election whether there even is an election or not who ever wins or looses the future outcome is now set. The end result is VIOLENCE, MASSIVE VIOLENCE! and if your not flexible to options you’re fucked. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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