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Why Europe’s Burning Care to Guess Who’s Next

Europe is toast. Guess who's Next?

Europe is toast. Guess who’s Next?

We’re now witnessing the effects that take place when masses have been exposed to what I refer to as the toxic cocktail. To a large extent this poisonous combination helps explain why Europe’s burning America is practically in a complete state of demoralization and the Mediterranean is a mess. In fact it touches on every reason we find our world in the sad state of affairs that it’s currently in.

The toxic cocktails visual Form.

The toxic cocktails visual Form.

What’s a toxic cocktail you might ask? It’s similar to what’s referred to as drinking the Kool-Aid only stronger. Let me attempt to explain. One of the chief differences between both concoctions lies in the various ways one can induce its effects. While you’d actually have to drink the Kool-Aid before it would have any effect the toxic cocktail can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

I suppose technology has a way of figuring out most anything. Somehow over several millennia technology deciphered the masses enjoy absorbing their venoms in assorted ways. For some it’s visual and for others audible. Still others prefer inhaling their toxins or simply taking them orally. Technology had to figure out the perfect toxic cocktail and given enough time it did.

The toxic cocktail's audio dose.

The toxic cocktail’s audio dose.

The wide range of side effects resulting from prolonged use consists of numbers substantially larger than can fit in the scope of this post. What follows is merely a brief example of some effects  observed over a reasonable span of time.

I call this first case the Yes sir Syndrome. Doing what one is told without ever questioning why. These sufferers are called the order takers. Military and police are two prime examples and perhaps are responsible for the most destruction presently being witnessed. The damage caused in countries such as Iran, Saudi, Kuwait, Vietnam Afghanistan and the Ukraine all follow under this example of what happens when the order takers do what their told to without questioning why.

The Order Takers.

The Order Takers.

Another well noticed effect would be forming strong opinions prior to doing any research. I think it’s safe to say we all know several who suffer from being in this category. Most of us refer to them as family and friends.

Over the years I began to realize yet another invasive side effect. A persons vocabulary can be greatly distorted by tipping back a few too many of these potent mixtures. Confusion sets in when attempting to understand the variances between what violence is and what force is.

The same can be said for the dissimilarities amid free thinking and nonconforming. Many who refuse to indulge and are still free from the cocktail’s damaging effects would instantly recognize there are more differences than similarities concerning these words and they are not interchangeable.

It's already way past an epidemic and NOT just affecting the youth in our nations. WE HAVE LOST ALMOST ALL MEANINGFUL CONNECTION. Everything is just a text away. Convenience always comes at a price.

It’s already way past an epidemic and NOT just affecting the youth in our nations. WE HAVE LOST ALMOST ALL MEANINGFUL CONNECTION. Everything is just a text away. Convenience always comes at a price.

In the capacity of distorted vocabulary the one misunderstanding that often cuts the deepest is the confusion between friend and acquaintance. Many people have lost the distinction of what a friend is and what is an acquaintance. I’m confident Facebook won’t be backing me up on this one. However all of these negative side effects stem from a single source. People partaking large doses of this toxic mélange.

When enough time passes more and more of the masses begin to take notice. These effects are not only growing stronger their decay is simultaneously getting deeper. Listen to what UKIP leader Nigel Farage had to say when confronting Angela Merkel. “Europe Is Burning” as he steamrolls Merkel’s Mediterranean Exodus Fiasco!

While ISIS continues to march in Germany at the same time refugees are “doing normal manly things” to the women of Sweden Farage confronts Merkel alongside her peers in the European parliament.

Farage continues just like the central-bankers of the world – their solution is insanely simple-minded: “Europe isn’t working, so we must have more Europe.” Farage ends this must watch video by offering what he terms is the last and only solution. The only hope lies, he adds, in the British referendum showing the rest of Europe it is possible to take back control of its own borders”.

Nigel Farage:Europe is Burning

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Another powerful example of people reaching their breaking point is the deciding vote that Britain will begin making plans to exit the EU. With the Brexit vote tilted in favor of leaving proves the citizens have had enough abuse. While it’s just in the beginning stages and there’s a long way to go it does send a strong message.

Whether it comes to fruition or is killed later on in the exiting process no one knows but the message is clear. Enough is enough and I believe if Britain can hold it together during the early stages and withstand the initial shock they will relay a credible message to other countries.

Look if Greenland can do it and thrive so can others. One last point to consider if Britain leaving the EU causes the balance to topple over as so many politicians state inquiring minds might be asking themselves just how solid was the EU to begin with. I say it was a perpetual house of cards on a windy day to begin with.

For those who think its any better over in America think again. Let’s jump over the pond back to the land that was once free. What is less known is that for quite some time the US Government has been handing up to $1000 per month free cash to many of the most hardened criminals living in the US. Free to use at will any way they choose only one condition applies don’t kill people.”

You have to read: America Hits Rock Bottom Cities Are Paying Criminals $1000 Per Month “Not To Kill” “As crazy as it seems to be rewarding these people it gets even worse! “Interest in the program is surging among urban politicians. Officials in Miami, Toledo, Baltimore and more than a dozen cities between are studying how to replicate Richmond’s pay not to kill program”.

Let’s attempt one more example using my home nation of Canada. We’ll quickly sneak back across the border and see if this toxic cocktail is truly an international drink. Digging through some old notes I find my fellow countrymen to be placed amongst the top dog in the world. Yep! Canada places ahead of all other nations as being highest in debt. They overtook US slightly after the bust of 2008 currently running over 40,000 per capita but considering todays exchange it a close race.

In conversation I’m often caught referring to Canada’s 2014 budget as an 800 page bailout package. Refreshing my memory and reconfirming correctness decided to have a quick look at what’s been occurring since.  Post 2014 the Canadian Dollar has continued taking repeated blows on its chin and as of the date I’m writing this post hovers around 77 cents US. OK so that one costs Canadians about 23% of their net worth in less than two years. Following further down the line the country has since decided that it no longer needs to own gold! Yep the nation has liquidated every single ounce of gold it possessed. There is currently NO GOLD IN CANADA’S PORTFOLIO!

I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry. I can say with certainty that all of my readers own more gold than my home nation of Canada.

I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I can say with certainty that all of my readers own more gold than my home nation of Canada.

Approximately four months further towards the present we Canadian’s find out that our  Government’s been busy working overtime. They’ve been holding several closed door meetings and at the time of this post is one last step away from making it 100% legal to seize personal bank accounts.

In their sole discretion if it means saving Canadian big banks from defaulting soon enough will legally be able to transform into the country of Cyprus overnight and point click AND ITS GONE! It’s at this time I’d accepted the fact  there’s more than enough information out there than makes this subject worthy of a separate post. I’ll close for now as clearly the toxic cocktail is also affecting my home nation.

Quoting former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. During his limited campaign Dr. Carson was heard saying Enough said” rather often when he wanted to end his point. It’s with that in mind that I to say “ENOUGH SAID”!

By now if you don’t already recognize this toxic cocktail is an international drink I really feel for you. I feel for you because you’re already under its effects. A lot of good people are going to be hurt worse than they ever thought possible. But at the end of it all there’s one thing we all need to remember. Never blame the bartender for your headache! Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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