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We’ve Only Just Begun

Some day in the not to distant future this picture will become obsolete.

After what’s recently occurred, by abandoning the Iran deal already some of America’s strongest allies are beginning to ask some tough questions. The EU is now asking several direct questions concerning the loyalty of what was thought of as a set in stone relationship. What have I always said about history having a funny way of repeating itself? Why does truth almost always fall on deaf ears? What’s so hard to understand about a certain few own all the boxes and they don’t care which one or how many you choose. Your freewill allows you to choose thus creating the illusion that you are free. You are not. At freedom’s core definition none of us are. Truth is objective it is not never has been or ever will be subjective!

The Eu along with China and Russia seem to be merging at an alarming pace. Perhaps Putin’s waiting game will eventually pay off.

Is Europe finally waking up to the fact that risk now outweighs reward? In lieu of what’s occurred Europe must be asking is the money that Washington’s been feeding us still worth it? When your closest ally throws you under the bus you start asking those hard-hitting questions. I’m sensing the Europeans are stunned right now and are most definitely going to be rethinking what the word ally means, at least the American version of it.

Currently there are several fingers pointing towards the direction of President Donald Trump. I’m almost certain if things keep progressing down the same path soon enough most will be pointing but using the finger that lies next to their index, and I don’t mean their thumb either. I question will these allies still back the US when it comes to lies about mass attacks on civilians, be it chemical or any other form. How can you trust, how do you hold sacred a relationship with a snake?  Will the French and UK still side faithful with a snake? There’s an old saying that goes “nobody ever died from a snake bite. Over time it’s the venom that kills you.” As I see it the venom’s been fed intravenously, drop by drop over an extended period of time. Decades in fact but the tube may have just been closed from the recipient’s end.

Shifting over to Russia, for the life of me I can’t understand why an otherwise intelligent man Vladimir Putin can’t seem to understand this. Above all others it’s Putin whose been bitten by this snake most and it’s because of his not understanding this simple fact we now have Syria all over again. Putin could have easily finished the job if he wasn’t so blind to a rather obvious re-occurrence. How much longer can a snake be called a partner?

Who knows perhaps the waiting game will pay off in the long run? It’s possible that Putin understands history better than I’m suggesting and I’ll elaborate why in the next few paragraphs.

Rather than continuing on about the numerous examples that clearly support the above I’d sooner shift directions into something I feel is more beneficial. For those who are interested there are many excellent alternative media bloggers covering them in great detail? But for now let’s venture a bit further.

It’s often been brought to my attention that I seem to have a way of explaining what sounds complex and breaking it down into an easy to understand format. That’s the direction the balance of this post is headed. Another fact about truth is truth is never complex.

We as a species are approaching a time of change, a paradigm and like all the others that predated, this paradigm will also follow its natural course there’s no stopping what’s inevitable. There’s a shift of wealth that’s departing the West and heading towards the East. Bear in mind these shifts don’t happen rapidly but over the next decade or two the West will be a fraction of its former self. This is not my opinion. This is a mathematical fact. No insults intended but remember freewill only allows you to make choices it does not allow you to escape the effects of making those choices.

Here’s an analogy I believe accurately describes our current state of affairs. I want you to think back to the time when Rome ruled the world. It was the time of Caesar, the Colosseum, the games and its military dominance was unmatched actually feared might be a more appropriate term. It was also a time of bread and circuses (Government programs) setup to keep the ignorant masses fed and entertained. Their artificially pumped up economy flowed similar to a land of milk and honey. It was ancient Rome invincible in its time!

Now keeping the same era in mind I want you to picture the US as ancient Rome. Therefore Donald Trump assumes the role of Caesar. Secondly picture the counsel of ancient Rome as the various allies. Just to be sure we’re all on the same page the council represents the EU with the individual members representing separate ally countries like Germany, England, Poland etc.

Now step back and leave all your personal views and beliefs on the sidelines for a moment. When the rulers actually realized that Rome could not sustain much longer what did they do? Well jump ahead to the present and what are those with open eyes and minds seeing. It’s an exact repeat. They began warring with anyone they could drag into the chaos.

Whatever it took false accusations black swan events anything to initiate war was fair game. Skip ahead and what distractions are pulling us into our separate belief boxes today, what current distractions are being provided to grab our attention away from truth?

Once again we do have the illusion of freedom dangling in front of us. We have choice. Russiagate, China, North Korea, Iran and Syria if that’s not enough we have black swan events ranging from 9-11 to an abnormally high amount of mass shootings. One thing the power of ancient Rome understood exceptionally well was if you create enough chaos and fear the people will open their wallets to higher taxes. If it means protection the purses and wallets magically open however rarely do the masses ever ask who’s actually causing the chaos.

Again much the same as in ancient Rome today the ignorant just pay and look the other way. In fact those suffering from extreme ignorance often see this as some sort of twisted badge of honor. The more paid the more successful, the more patriotic that person is. Today citizens mirror ancient Rome’s. The illusion of freedom allows them to select as many boxes as they wish. Just don’t look in the correct direction. Deal only with the effects, never seek for the cause. As long as citizens paid their ever increasing taxes and kept looking in directions strategically provided for them things tended to work reasonably well.

That is for a while. Anything that cannot sustain itself simply won’t sustain. Corruption is an insatiable appetite and numbers cannot lie. Right there lies a dangerous intersection. Sooner or later it’s corruption that always causes the walls of Jericho to come tumbling down. There is no exception to this fact.

Is this not similar to what’s occurring today, to what open eyes and minds are currently witnessing over in the US and in Europe for that matter? Rome began to die from the inside out and so is the West. Another similarity to the present is the masses of Rome just like the masses of the West when compared to other nations had it better. So what did they do? They turned their backs and ignored the corruption thinking it’ll all pass. Are you beginning to get where I’m going with this? Is it not much the same today?

The similarities are almost endless. For an additional example take a look at both of their respective militaries. The effects of corruption eventually caused the forces of both nations to morph into little more than a national jobs program. As long as there’s an enemy we’ll continue writing the paychecks. If more spent the time to properly research these facts they’d find out that Rome much like the US through corruption eventually converted their respective militaries into little more than job’s programs.

Eventually both militaries spread themselves too thin. Ancient Rome was no longer capable of policing the world. Currently neither is the West. A natural shift had taken place. Back to the present, notice any resemblance over the last couple of decades?

In the latter stages Rome began turning its back on their allies till almost none were left. Soon enough the allies (counsel) lost trust which spread to the citizens loosing trust. Rome was breaking apart from the inside out. On the other hand former allies were gathering together by teaming resources extending trade building, shipping, and roads, thus forming mutually beneficial agreements with each other. Eventually Rome lost its prestige its worldwide respect and perhaps most of all Rome lost it’s power. Rome faded into a fraction of its former self and so will the West. We all know how it ended, the death of a once great nation. Look at modern Rome today. It’s a fraction of its former self. In fact other than China none have come back since their initial demise.

In closing a final point to ponder BUT it’s a big one. China and Russia would have absolutely no trouble replacing the West in every feasible act of trade. They’d not only be able to do it cheaper they’d be able to do it faster. Simply look at their respective geographic locations, it’s a no brainer. If the EU nations feel the risk is no longer worth the reward the West just sealed its fate.

Again to understand the big picture I urge you to check the demographic locations! If Europe does not feel the US is an ally that can be trusted because of the demographics will swiftly start merging with the Russians. They too understand trade would be almost a seemless transition

In its final stages out of desperation Rome once again attempted to exhibit its power. Similar to the West Rome pounded its chest as a sign of power (warring). This is another example a similarity that both nations took however neither nation took the time to figure out when you’re chest pounding you better have a tight belt secured around your waist. In other words your economy better be strong. Otherwise you’re liable to lose your shorts. Rome sure did and eventually so too will the West. One last mention about truth numbers never lie! Until next time.

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