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Villa for Sale with 3.6 acres in Mata Puerco Cabrera North Coast Dominican Republic

I’d like to introduce everyone to a beautiful 3.6 acres panoramic ocean view cliff front property. Located approximately 7.5 miles from Cabrera its location leaves you close to all amenities and an excellent choice of restaurants. While the home and pool are exceptional for me, what really sets this property apart from many others is its versatility. The land is exceptional and it’s all flat cliff fronts. This opens up many options on its highest and best use. Very suitable for adding several standalone bungalows or adding on a full bed and breakfast hide away. The property would also work well as an extended care facility. There are too many options to list. The amount of possibilities will stretch almost anyone’s imagination to its limits. The surroundings are almost “pin drop” quiet and without a doubt it supports some of the nicest views found throughout the entire North Coast. Oh yea I almost forgot, it’s perfect also just the way it is, a very nice turnkey package. For now it’s onto the next meeting.  Another beautiful property that you’ll all be seeing over the next few days. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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