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Keeping our Subscribers in the Loop About the Progress in Cabrera

Our subscribers living abroad really seem to appreciate the continuous efforts we put forth towards keeping them in the know about what’s occurring around the town of Cabrera. Keeping that in mind I want to let all of our offshore subscribers know; finally they’re installing cement speed bumps on the main highway running through Cabrera. Anyone’s whose ever spent any time with me knows it’s been one of my pet peeves about Cabrera for quite some time. Well it’s almost a done deal. I shot this clip right off my IPhone. Same goes for the electric upgrade. While things in the Caribbean move along at a slower pace they still eventually get done. Pay attention and you’ll notice the new cement wiring poles being fitted for service. That’s right, what I’m implying is that most of that tacky wiring will soon be an “I remember how it used to be” story shared over a couple of drinks. Johnny, Liane and myself are eagerly looking forward to seeing all of our returning friends and of course all you new folks, set to come on down and pay us a visit. Until next time, this is Barry in DR.

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