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Land for Sale in Loma Alta #4301 Cabrera North Coast Dominican Republic

Every now and again you’ll hear me mentioning “one of the nicest properties ever seen” and for those who are seeking the highest quality our region has to offer those words are you signal to pay close attention. With that in mind I want to brief you on one of the nicest properties ever seen to date. When a property has location, amenities, view and quality of terrain which this one has, those looking for the best may have just found what they’re searching for. Those seriously looking for the best would want to consider a closer look. Outside of our Montana y Mar project I’ve yet to see comparable alternatives. Well I just may have found it. A stellar acre and a quarter surrounded by sheer beauty. Every aspect of this property has a Caribbean feeling to it. Honestly it has to be seen to be appreciated. For now it’s onto our next assignment. Until next time, Barry in DR.


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