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Property for Sale in La Catalina #26676 North Coast Dominican Republic

It’s great to be back in action. After returning from a couple of months of vacation, Johnny and I are back in action. I was surprised at the amount of folks leaving messages about properties they wanted us to have a gander at. Over the next while expect to see several new offerings. There’s another lot that’s been graded so we expect to see yet another home breaking ground in the Montana y Mar project. It’s been one of the most satisfying feelings seeing the owners so excited about their future dwellings.

So off we go. Here’s the first property we’d like to present. The property is a bit over 6 acres in size. It supports an expansive ocean and coastline view that can never be blocked in the future. It’s a very versatile property that can be used several ways. First it can be used to construct a large villa. Secondly it can be sub-divided into several smaller lots each supporting spectacular views. Third it can be used for a small hotel, B&B or extended care facility. Located in the hills adjacent to La Catalina, the location puts you less than ten minutes’ drive to everything the town of Cabrera has to offer. Priced at 12 dollars per square meter or 1.12 dollars per square foot makes a value priced property. Several similar properties are tipping the 20.00 dollar mark. For now it’s onto the next property.   Until next time, Barry in DR.

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