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Day 4 Heading for Some Great BBQ in Jarabacoa

Moving along on our last day of an extensive four day haul, I pick it up as we’re heading through the out skirts of Constanza. Everywhere you look not only in the valleys but on the mountainsides, all you see are huge crops of potatoes, strawberries, cucumber, onions, broccoli, cauliflower and even raspberries.  Anyway I find it reassuring seeing such abundance, but what’s even better is growing some of your own. Depending on what altitude you live in, there’s a decent verity that can be grown.

The guys discuss last night’s meal and how spectacular the spicy goat was. I had a couple of natural strawberry juices and found it so good that I had them make it into slushies and began adding some rum. All I can say was WOW! So stay with us hope you’re enjoying what you’ve been seeing and I’ll do one more if the weather’s clear followed up by a good bye for now over at the rib joint. I’m sure many who’ve visited the Jarabacoa area will already know the place I’m talking about. It truly is a spectacular BBQ. Just writing about it is already getting me hungry.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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