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01-21-2019 How I spent Dia de la Altagracia (Feast Day) long weekend

01-14-2019 The Regional Improvements Continues

12/25/2018 Happy Holiday Season from Cabrera

12/19/2018 Paving the way for a better region – The Paving Projects are Done

11/29/2018 4 Wheeling in the Dominican Republic

11/5/2018 New Paved Roads are Expanding the Region Around Cabrera Part 2

11/1/2018 New Paved Roads are Expanding the Region Around Cabrera Part 1

10/24/2018 Keeping our Subscribers in the Loop About the Progress in Cabrera

8/4/2018 Joe & Maggie’s Party on Cabrereño Weekend

5/10/2018 Horse Riding Club on Labor Day Weekend

4/29/2018 Boca Beach to Graveyard Beach

4/25/2018 Sunshine Beach to Boca Beach

04/22/2018 Sunshine Beach to Baoba

4/8/2018 For a great day of family fun check out DR Eco Adventures

4/1/2018 Kudos to Mayor Cavolli

1/22/2018 Dulce Vida Restaurant

01/02/2018 Housing construction is on the rise in Cabrera, DR

11/5/2017 Laguna El Dudu

7/12/2017 Traffic Accidents in DR

6/26/2017 Naranjito Road Work Update

6/20/2017 El Saltadero de Cabrera

6/11/2017 Playa Grande & Playa Preciosa Beaches Near Cabrera, DR

5/26/2017 La Rotonda Pizzeria Bar Restaureant

5/13/2017 Prep Work Begins on Naranjito Road

3/2/2017 Back Country Roads - Los Cacaos to Puzohonda

1/31/2017 Samana/El Catey Int'l Airport to Playa Los Gringos Beach



01/31/2019 For Sale - Magnificent 6 Bedrooms Villa Located on 1.4 Acres, Cabrera Dominican Republic

01/18/2019 Montana Y Mar Project Update

01/09/2019 For Sale – Over 8 Acres Ocean Front Property in Cabrera, Dominican Republic

11/20/2018 November Update for Montana Y Mar Project

11/14/2018 For Sale 20.5 Acres Superb Quality Farm Land Cabrera Dominican Republic

11/9/2018 For Sale Beautiful 9+ Acres parcel Minutes to Downtown Cabrera

10/28/2018 For Sale 21 Acres Finca (Farm Land) only 6.2 Miles from Cabrera

10/26/2018 For Sale Villa in Los Farallones Cabrera North Coast Dominican Republic

10/22/2018 For Sale Villa with 3.6 acres in Mata Puerco Cabrera North Coast Dominican Republic

10/17/2018 Land for Sale in Loma Alta #4301 Cabrera North Coast Dominican Republic

10/15/2018 Property for Sale in La Catalina #26676 North Coast Dominican Republic

7/15/2018 Over 8.75 Acres Ready for your Villa or Bed & Breakfast

7/12/2018 July Update for Montana Y Mar Project

6/30/2018 Oceanfront Opportunity in Cabrera

6/14/2018 June Update Montana Y Mar

5/3/2018 Construction Update in the Project Montana Y Mar

4/12/2018 How We Get Unique Listings

3/26/2018 When a Deal Really Is a Deal

3/10/2018 The Best of What Los Valles has to Offer

3/8/2018 Rare Find Two Tiered Double Entry Property

3/6/2018 Exceptional Value Farm With Residence



02/15/2018 A few last thoughts on immigration

02/11/2018 Is a DR passport right for you?

02/09/2018 Things to consider before pursuing residency

2/8/2018 Important Updates on Immigration

2/3/2018 New bus service from Nagua to Santiago

1/29/2018 Wise Old Gringo

1/31/2018 Importing vs Buying Tires Locally



2/17/2019 A Day Trip to Las Galeras on the Samana Peninsula Part 3

2/13/19 A Day Trip to Las Galeras on the Samana Peninsula Part 2

2/9/2019 A Day Trip to Las Galeras on the Samana Peninsula Part 1

12/11/2018 Dominican Republic One of the Movie Industries Most Sought Places

12/6/2018 Off-Roading in the DR – Video 1 Introduction

9/27/2018 Day 4 Heading for Some Great BBQ in Jarabacoa

9/20/2018 Leaving Constanza

9/19/2018 Waking up in Constanza’s Deep Freeze

9/14/2018 A Tribute to Alejandro

9/2/2018 Continuing to Constanza from the Small Village La Orma

8/28/2018 Beginning Four Hours of Backcountry Roads to Constanza

8/24/2018 Starting Day 3 in San Jose de Acoa

8/21/2018 Three Amigo Departing Cabo Rojo

8/17/2018 Rancho Tipico Cueva de las Aguilas

8/2/2018 On our Way to Enriquillo Alduino Shares his Cigar Knowledge

7/29/18 Los Patos to Los Blancos

7/26/2018 By the Sea in Los Patos

7/20/2018 Three Amigos Start Day 2 in SW from Los Patos

6/28/2018 Day One of our SW Trip comes to an End

6/22/2018 A Quick Sprint Through Barahona & On We Go

6/18/18 Finally We Arrive In Barahona

6/11/2018 Welcome to Rancho Arriba

6/2/2018 Continuing on our SW Adventure

6/2/2018 Three Amigos on a Four Day Excursion

5/27/2018 Ready to Hit the Beach

5/22/2018 On Our Way to Moron Beach

5/18/18 Continuing on to El Limon

5/13/2018 A Surprise Call From Johnny

04/18/18 Taxi Turistico G. H. - Tourist Taxi

3/28/2018 A Random Call

3/12/2018 DBL Cigar Company Client Appreciation Jamboree

12/21/2017 It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

12/5/2017 Latest Updates

10/15/2017 A Sincere Thanks to Paul & Elizabeth

6/2/2017 Montana y Mar Staff Appreciation Party

1/7/2017 Will 2017 be a Year of Change?

12/12/2016 Holiday Announcement What Matters Most



03/05/2018 What will you do & see on our Discover Your Destination tour

7/30/2016 Your Plan B Better have an Exit Strategy

5/15/2016 Introduction to Ask Me Anything

10/14/2016 What About Kids in School

7/6/2016 What About College

6/28/2016 What About Crime

6/27/2016 What About Employment

6/2/2016 What’s it been like for the folks that have relocated?

6/1/2016 Linear vs Cyclical

5/24/2016 What’s it like living there?

5/22/2016 Why Here



9/11/2018 One of My Most Memorable Interviews Part 2

9/9/2018 One of My Most Memorable Interviews Part 1

8/10/2018 A Great Week with Juan & his Family

7/8/2018 4th Time Visitor Shares His Knowledge

4/4/2018 Useful Information for Anyone Considering Relocation

3/23/2018 Fireside Chat with my Good Friend Moe Part 2

03/19/2018 Fireside Chat with my Good Friend Moe

03/16/2018 Success Follows Ambition Meet Daniel

02/28/2018 Fireside Chat with Barb & Mitchell

02/18/2018 Constructing A Home While Living Abroad

1/7/2018 Interview with Military Veteran David - Part 2

1/6/2018 Interview with Military Veteran David - Part 1

5/19/2017 Canadian's 9th visit to the DR and 1st in Cabrera

4/2/2017 He Discovered his Destination for Expatriation

3/16/2017 Young couple with child making plans to pursue their dream of relocating

2/27/2017 What inspired this Canadian couple to experience our DYD Tour

2/24/2017 Interview with Cabrera's Mayor Jorge Cavoli - Part 3

2/21/2017 Interview with Cabrera's Mayor Jorge Cavoli - Part 2

2/20/2017 Interview with Cabrera's Mayor Jorge Cavoli - Part 1

2/15/2017 Up Close & Personal with Alduino - Part 2

2/14/2017 Up Close & Personal with Alduino - Part 1

10/30/2016 Interview with James Wesley Rawles

9/20/2016 Interview with V the Guerrilla Economist from Rogue Money

9/10/2016 Interview with Larry & Angie while on a DYD tour

8/18/2016 Interview with Dmitry Orlov

8/10/2016 Meet Doug and Sherri up close and personal - Part 2 of 2

8/9/2016 Meet Doug and Sherri up close and personal - Part 1 of 2

7/15/2016 Meet Mr. & Mrs. T.

6/17/2016 Interview with Licelotte Minaya from Guzman Ariza