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The Hunt For Cash Is a Marxist Theory

Yea I know it goes full circle.

Anyone other than the most cubed minded should be able to see that hunting down and eliminating cash is nothing more than a re-enactment of a Marxist Theory. While the bought and paid for pressitudes of the main stream media continue to push mockeries, facades that cash is the tool of drug dealers and terrorists. Let me ask you a couple simple questions. They begin with; When was the last time?

Make no mistake Marxism is alive and well. Once a nation becomes deeply divided there’s almost no turning back. They destroy themselves from within.

When was the last time you witnessed any person walking into a Real Estate closing carrying suitcases full of cash? When was the last time you’ve witnessed the same only at a car dealership or at a high end auction? Chances are you haven’t. Now amplify that by thousands of times, correction millions of times and perhaps you get my point.

Cash has been digital since I’ve been walking this planet! Why has it all of a sudden changed? You have a debit and a credit merely numbers on a spread sheet. Similar to the scene in the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire there’s no “show me the money” when it comes to large transactions. Guess the fools pedaling, even worse believing this garbage never heard of wiring currency.

Often in my writings I’ve mentioned that; time is a weapon. Time is a weapon and it’s being used against us very effectively. For example, I’m confident if I were to ask this question to many of my younger readers they wouldn’t be able to answer it. The question is what denomination of US currency did former US President Woodrow Wilson appear on? Wilson was the nation’s 28th President serving from 1913 to 1921. By the way just in case anyone’s wondering NO THE DATES ARE NOT COINCIDENTAL! If you’re still wondering (hint) think Federal Reserve.

Woodrow Wilson appeared on the US 100,000 Dollar Bill! That’s correct the US once had a 100,000 Dollar Bill. In fact not so long ago they also had a 10,000, 5000, 1000 and five hundred Dollar note. Except for the 100,000 bill all others were in full circulation. So where’s the connection to terrorism? Terrorism funded using 100 Dollar notes, really? The definition of what a modern day terrorist is didn’t even exist in that era. The reasoning behind the factious need to eliminate cash in our societies stems from little more than broke Governments creating inventive ways of further control and hunting down taxes. That’s it in a nutshell. It’s all about control and a hunt for taxes.

When cash becomes fully digital (notice I said when) because to a large degree it already is, you won’t even be able to tip a parking lot attendant without the Government knowing about it. Of course they’re going to want their fair share so make no mistake about what’s actually taking place. This whole manufactured quagmire about the need to go cashless in order to tame terrorism and combat drug trafficking is a cloaked wolf. What’s at stake here is yet another invasion of privacy. As a collective we are knowingly or unknowingly losing the majority of our personal freedoms and at an alarming pace.

By not understanding what’s written above, by remaining ignore-ant of the available information that’s out there leads the citizenry of every nation in one common direction. That direction ultimately leads to SLAVERY!

It’s this same type of mindset that paves the way for masses actually believing that uniformed thugs who mandate you to remove your shoes and belt is what’s going to provide protection from planes changing their intended course or disintegrating in midair. This boxed fear based mindset is why you’re still being searched for metal before boarding. Metal’s been outdated for decades… it’s too easy to detect. For a long time running it’s been materials such as plastics, polymers, chemical and powders. Anyone who’s ever been through Ben Gurion Airport already knows this. They’ve been trying to get the West to understand this for decades. In efforts to protect a jobs program quite often you don’t want to see things. It’s just good for business that way. This same fear based thinking is what allowed the 100 Dollar Bill to be the largest denomination in modern US currency! It’s all about control taxation debt ultimately leading to slavery!

Mark these words. Just as the EU is trying to eliminate larger denominations in the Euro so too will the US. Actually the wheels have been in motion for quite some time now. It will happen and it won’t take as long as many though it would.

For a considerable amount of time now the quality of life for the vast majority has diminished. Ever heard of “we Live” communities, Zero energy buildings or Peak Car? Some examples can be found by viewing the short YouTube below. For many it’s what the future may look like. Very informative plus all these concepts already exist so none of them can be mislabeled as conspiracy theory. How can they when they already exist? Around the 8:35 minute mark the narrator provides a near textbook revelation of my meaning when I’ve declared numerous times: there are two ways to destroy a nation. One is by traditional warring and the other is to allow the citizenry to destroy it from within. If you understand the above it’s not hard to determine which path was chosen.

What Your Future Will Look Like


This second video consists of none other than Martin Armstrong. I’ve enjoyed his accuracy for years, yes accuracy. There are solutions to the situation we’re currently in… Solutions are present so I remain leaning toward the positive. Us opting for a plan B had nothing to do with political side’s, religious beliefs or fear. I had to do with common sense.

Are there solutions? You bet there are, but perhaps the more prevalent question is will the controlling sources allow such changes without major chaos taking place? Will they view these rebellions as an attack on what they wrongly believe is their given right, the right to control others.

Controllers as a rule tend to be somewhat psychopathic in nature. I’d have to say my answer to that first question would be no. They most definitely will not relinquish control willingly. My answer for the second question is yes. With no hesitation I say this will be viewed as an all-out attack. History’s got my back on that one.

Ultimately they will fall they always do, but only to rebuild again. Humanity seems to have a mind block when it comes to learning from past mistakes. I think we’re wired that way. Perhaps the answers lie in the multitudes of DNA referred to as junk, but are anything but.

Another statement I’ve used several times in prior posts is; you’re not trying to determine IF you will be affected. The better question you should be asking is; to what degree will you be affected? Like it or not we’re all going to be affected. This reroutes back to why we chose to have a plan B. In fact I believe many corporations will outlast financially weak Governments. Weak Governments are next in line to go bankrupt. I say this because many already are.

The Solution


There’s no doubt for the masses the directional changes are aiming toward the negative. I continue to preach get out of all personal debt. Currently if this is not possible then make it possible ASAP. Left unchanged in the not too distant future the only thing most people will own is their debt. Debt is slavery; slavery will escalate to an all-time high. Like I previously stated… Eliminating cash is nothing more than a re-enactment of a Marxist Theory. Until Next time,  Barry in DR.

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