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Taxi Turistico G.H. – Tourist Taxi G. H.

I’m sure by now you’re already aware that “ole” Barry in DR really gets around the region. Heck the entire country for that matter. Our team makes every effort to promote all aspects of the DR and not just concentrate on the ordinary or the mundane. So whenever I get the chance to give back to promote good local business I don’t often pass up the opportunity.

We’ve always made it a practice never to accept kickbacks or referral fees when recommending services. We do it because it provides exposure to local businesses as well as local events. We make every attempt to promote good restaurants and respectable services. Promoting local business is just one of several ways of bringing a community closer together.

Perhaps this serves as one of several reasons while folks are out here touring the region they so often comment “gosh every third persons waves at you” and their actually not too far off on their correlation. In fact recently when I was with Mayor Cavoli he joked when he said “you should run for Mayor” as he made note of how many folks waved hello when passing.

I suppose it stems from living in six different countries. I’ve seen what happens when a divide among the people takes place and you don’t have to look very far to prove my point. Look what’s taking place over in Europe America and Canada. When out and about with our guests during general conversation I’ll sometimes inquire about the why reasoning for wanting to live as a foreigner? So often I hear “it’s just not the same nation anymore” and their correct it’s not. Divide is not a healthy thing.

I recently had the time to catch up while enjoying a cigar with my buddy Alduino. That’s when his phone rang and it was his friend Elvis who is President of the Gaspar Hernandez Taxi Association. I actually know several of the other drivers there but until doing this video never met Elvis. The context is nothing earth shattering I know it’s about taxi services, but when asked if I would do a short clip about the taxi association I was glad to. Later during the month I’ll be covering an art exhibit by promising young artists from the Ani Art Academy over in Rio San Juan. My life’s experience has taught me that it takes so much time to bring a community together and so little time to divide it apart.

My desire is that people learn to understand the importance of the above and while relocating not repeat the same mistakes that made many of them want to relocate in the first place. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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