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Sunshine Beach to Baoba

After our last guests departed I had a bit of spare time so I decided to do what I enjoy most. Taking out the 4X4 (YOTA) and enjoying some out of the way beach roads.  Of course the back roads and mountain roads aren’t excluded in fact Johnny, Alduino and I will be setting out mid-May for a three or four day bit of adventure. You’re all invited but for now join in as we begin what will be a three or four part video. I’ll begin by starting at a place called Sunshine Beach.

Sunshine beach is located adjacent to Boca Beach. Rarely will you find people populating its shoreline. The only exceptions are holidays and long weekends. In past years and on several occasions we’ve had a few good picnics with as many as fifty people attending. It’s a great day spot 20 minutes out of Cabrera.

I’ll be taking a beach road which eventually exit’s you out in the small town of Baoba. Throughout the video I’ll be sharing some really good information covering all sorts of topics. For those interested in exporting fruit or vegetables I’ll be introducing a new area of concentration. An area I’ve been looking into for quite some time now. Over one year to be exact, but it was worth it we now have an extremely experienced family in the area. Actually they’re exporting citrus themselves. Enjoy the ride and don’t worry there’s always an open seat or two. So what are you waiting for? Best Adventures, Barry in DR.

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