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Sunshine Beach to Boca Beach

Hop back on board and let’s continue. We’re picking this up at Sunshine Beach. I’m going to tour around the shoreline for a bit before meeting up with the main road connecting these two pristine beaches. I asked Liane to splice in some music while taking the journey it’s quite a long stretch. Even after all the years I’m still amazed about the natural beauty that can be found all over the island. I give thanks for the simple life, seems Liane and Johnny feel the same way. Take notice of the long stretches of uninhabited beach. Play the role of bystander and view something not easy to find anymore especially with most of the creature comforts right around the corner. I feel this country is well worth a closer look when deciding which tropical atmosphere might suit best. The DR is a country not as wealthy as many still it’s richer than most. It yields a rich quality of life. It promotes contentment. Barry in DR.

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