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How We Get Unique Listings

Many of our subscribers have been asking how is it that you seem to have different properties than the others. Most other sites we check out seem to have the same properties. The only thing that varies is the pricing. I have to admit it’s a good question and by viewing this short video you’ll be receiving one of several key reasons why.

Over the years by contributing back, by being well blended with the locals, by proving your words are true and not just words you build character. Sure it takes a long time to develop but for us it’s worth doing.

One of the most imperative pieces to the puzzle would have to be my partner Johnny. For many years Johnny has taken on the role of owner in Nagua’s best respected English school. He’s taught many of the region’s most prominent families English. Well turns out several of the graduates have gone onto obtaining some very well paying careers. Some for the hotel industry, some for the airlines heck he’s even got two who’ve gone onto becoming translators for politicians. One even works for the former President’s wife.

When these families’ children now have careers, have grandchildren instead of having no place to go it builds respect and as strange as that may sound to our subscribers out in the West never the less holds true here. Have a couple of families here on tour so got to go for now. So what’s keeping you from experiencing a life changing experience? Our discovery tour might last for days but you memories will last a lifetime. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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