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PT 2 China An Economic Powerhouse

Map of the New Silk Road.

Picking up where I left off I hope it’s now clear why the US dropped these two bombs. Costly message wouldn’t you say? For those who seek it the information is out there. Should anyone have difficulty locating it just shoot me a comment and I’ll be sure to forward some and rest assured it won’t be mainstream.

In reviewing ask yourself if this appalling deed accomplished what it was supposed to. For the vast majority I would say their answer would be it did not.  Now here’s my point when I make mention that everything is subjective. What if you were to ask the same question to the families that own weapons manufacturing plants, oil businesses, steel foundries, rail systems or auto industries?  Would you expect to receive the same answer? I have to wonder.

The shadows ALWAYS play both sides. ALWAYS have and until we put our petty differences aside and begin working together ALWAYS WILL. One thing remains consistent We the Divided, the Pawns are the ones who die. Never is it the shadows. They die from old age.

Did you not know if you lifted the hood on any of the German military vehicles, chances are under it you’d find the name Ford. Were you not aware Chevron supplied all the fuel along with a special lead additive they owned the patient on at that time to the German Luftwaffe? Without this additive their planes would never have left the ground. The engines would score pistons in no time without this additive. I wonder how many of my readers were aware of the fact Royal Dutch Shell seemed more than content to supply the ground forces with all the fuel required to maintain their killing spree.

If you weren’t don’t feel too bad, most didn’t. I know the greater majority of veterans didn’t. I have no doubt these good folks had no idea they’ve been duped into something and if they did would have looked at the scenario from a different set of eyes. I do not believe these people would be so willing to destroy innocent lives and countries leaving them unaided in a state of ruins. Normal people just don’t react in that manner.

For the very low percentage that do possess that Rambo kill at all cost attitude stop crying about any losses you may have encountered. It’s up to you to research, it’s your responsibility to gather accurate facts before blindly jumping into any situation. People pay great attention to detail to when searching out mortgages, car loans, retirement options or insurance. So why then don’t they do the same facts checking before annihilating another country? Bravery is not determined by mindless order takers but losses are. The blame lies within your own ignorance.

Go back and check the archives. You’ll find these same families I refer to displaying their patriotism on billboards, posters, TV, news interviews virtually every form of propaganda available at that time. It sickens me almost as much as the ignorant that believe it and for the greater percentage that still do. It lends a keen understanding when hearing: “there’s nothing new under the sun” and there isn’t, ignorance continues to be fooled by the same means of deception. Enough said let’s move on.

Fast forward 70 years and where are we? I quote Author Wayne Madsen via The Strategic Culture Foundation: “China, the power that is eclipsing the United States in international importance as an arbiter of disputes, is building a military base in Djibouti. It is also establishing a maritime port in Gwadar in Pakistan, from which it can deploy naval forces to the Persian Gulf.” Continuing on with Madsen’s comments: “The American neo-conservatives predicted the 21st century would be a «New American Century». Instead, it is becoming a «New Chinese Century», with the United States still believing, wrongly, that it is the «leader of the free world» and a «super power.” Madsen concludes:As Mao Zedong once stated, the United States is a «paper tiger». And Mao had another prediction: «The day will come when the paper tigers will be wiped out». That day is now upon us.”

After reading the above I ask again fast forward 70 years, did this plan of intimidating Russia actually work. Currently Russia is arguably the most advanced military on the face of this planet. Before my friends from the west jump down my throat I said most advanced not largest. America by far has the largest military in the world any informed person won’t even debate that point, but it has to. Over decades the military industrial complex has transformed it from being a military into little more than a glorified jobs program.

An additional point certainly worth serious consideration is America retains the most expensive military in the world! Think about that previous statement for a moment, then ask yourself who really benefits from that. Perhaps of greater urgency who’s paying for it and why? How else can the shadows keep blood sucking the financial life out of its ignorant citizens? America has to have enemies lots of manufactured enemies!

How else can they justify the cost and if the bought and paid for main stream Medias don’t broadcast the lies like for example the Russia bashing, the jobs program quickly comes to an end. Here’s another important question worth serious consideration. What do you do with all these folks, the folks currently in this jobs program? A good portion are unskilled except of course for fighting. Dying doesn’t actually require much skill.

Getting a clearer picture of why all the Russia bashing now? This also serves to explain why the largest military in the world can’t win small wars even skirmishes in 3rd world countries? Think about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya and a dozen others I could easily name. What about the latest quagmire in Syria. Besides supporting ISIS what are they even doing there? Please understand what I’m saying, a lot of good folks lives are on the line here and I’m not talking about the front line either.

The chief difference between a military and a military industrial complex is this. One is designed to win a war and the other is designed to extend a war. This is why for decades now America still finds itself warring in so many countries! Honestly do you not think the largest most expensive military in the world would have much trouble quickly conquering countries like Vietnam or Afghanistan? Be honest with yourself when answering.

Bottom line is. The way things currently are, America needs manufactured enemies period and it makes no difference to these self-acclaimed war lords who they are, but it does to you or at least should. You are the pawns I keep referring about and they’ll continue to mop the blood off the White House floor with the clothes off of your children’s dead bodies, just as long as your ignorance allows them to do so. Smarten up for everyone’s sake! You’re being played like a card.

The shadow families as they always are will continue to be safe at home grandstanding and waving flags, cheering on the ignorant. I view this as being comparable to watching ancient Rome’s gladiatorial contests in the coliseum…  A circus, a show and a loaf of bread was all it took to keep the ignorant entertained and for the most part still does. There’s still nothing new under the sun. This concludes what I have to say about the Russia bashing. Think carefully on what you’ve just read. The next unnecessary casualty might be your own.

Turning the page lets continue and have a look at China, the economic powerhouse of this changing tide. While they certainly have a powerful military I want to focus more towards their economy its staggering! China boasts an incredible population of 1,373,541,278 compared to America’s 323,995,528. In China Guangzhou is considered a midsize port city that happens to have a population of over 14 Million people. Putting this into a clearer perspective New York has 8.49 Million and LA has 3.79 Million. Combined the two and you still fall just shy of two Million people less and Guangzhou is just considered a midsize city.

While China certainly has its economic issues to contend with, make no mistake the changing current is still flowing east. This drift I write of is exiting the west and entering the east rather rapidly. Take for example Silk Road a mega project reactivating trade routes used long ago. When completed Silk Road will connect China by land or sea to India, Persia, Arabia, Europe, Egypt, Somalia and Indonesia. Strategically located sea ports open the doors to Africa and all who want to be part of this incredible project. On the other side of China the entire nation boarders none other than Russia. They’ve already begun construction on bridges and high speed rail systems that for all intensive purposes makes them near seamless. Point in fact they’ve begun construction on a bridge that cuts a 14 hour trip down to little over two hours. Yes Putin is a smart man, a leader.

Cut to the chase you either join this kind of power house or simply fall behind and what’s America currently considering? Protectionism Trump is focusing on protectionism! Honestly you can’t make this stuff up! In the east they’re building roads, seaports and high speed rail systems, becoming totally interconnected and in the west they’re building walls that isolate and debating if protectionism is the way to go. AMAZING! But only for those who choose to see it.

The major cities in America are in dire need of rebuilding roads, electrical systems, sewer systems and just about every type of major grid is suffering the kinks attributed with old age. All of America’s integral systems are old, dated and in need of a total face lift and Trumps talking about protectionism. I’m not even going any further with this, its futile to do so.

What you are witnessing is precisely the same thing Rome displayed shortly before it fell. Rome was separating, isolating itself from others. Rome began intimidating other nations many who were once allies. They were pounding their chest attempting to show its strength was still present, but deep down their leaders knew it wasn’t. Behind closed doors Rome’s leaders became misleaders trying to figure out how to best protect themselves. These privileged few who had the power to convert lost all concern for their country and it’s citizens. They knew Rome had its era and the Rome they knew won’t be coming back anytime soon. Sound familiar? If not think about the two plus Trillion dollars that just happen to disappear unaccountable, no record of it anywhere. Any level headed person would know that’s literally impossible in today’s electronic world . Just in case you’re wondering yes that’s with a “T”.

Several Millennia have passed and look where Rome stands today. Not even a shadow of its former great self and the same can be said for Great Britain. Events like these take long intervals to unfold. For example it’s taken China over 3000 years to come full circle and their not there yet, not by a long shot. Of course America’s misleaders claim with the help of their esteemed guidance can turn it around in four or five years. Except for the believing ignorant there’s not a chance it can possibly happen!  In four or five years they’ll still be on the down slide. To gain an accurate vision of the changes as they currently appear, I encourage you to watch these three short videos. I promise you it will at least open your eyes. With enough additional searching hopefully your mind will follow suit. Change is not necessarily a bad thing however resistance to it can be disastrous.

I hope America can come to its wits to become part of this new future, but it will require some humbling and America’s never really been too good at being humble. So at least for now their misleaders continue to punish the ignorant. Instead of paving the way for a more productive cooperative and brighter future they take the opposite route. They isolate themselves with walls and protectionism drifting aimlessly with no safe harbor in sight.

Another prime example of what happens when you dupe the ignorant with bread and circuses is you buy yourself additional time. The misleaders of ancient Rome knew it would buy them enough time to formulate their plan B. Have you ever considered it from that angle, in that way? I’d suggest its worth considering, history paints an ugly ending for those that stood passive. What do you think you’re currently witnessing in the west? These three short videos below provide proof this is not an ending it’s a beginning, but only if you choose to see it in that context.

China’s Silk Roads:


Amazing China! (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen)

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Amazing Architecture in China:

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This shift is nothing new it’s been taking place for decades. If your mind is open your eyes have to follow. It works in that order NOT the reverse. Most of you reading my posts already know what I’m writing about is true. Perhaps at times it’s a bit hard to swallow but a bitter pill can cure a deadly disease. No one ever died from a snake bite. Over time it’s the venom that kill’s you.

At the present time the rise and ebb is not a tide it’s a paradigm shift, a shift of power! If it were a tide all ships would rise and fall simultaneously but they’re not. Much the same as ancient Rome, some ships will sink, they’ve seen their day. By pigheadedly unyielding their outdated courses by not merging with the new change in direction, over the past decades some ships have become somewhat lost in the sea of abyss. Soon it will be more feasible to scrap them than rebuild them. Their withering hulls have corroded from endless exposure to corruption and ignorance.

The most significant ship I make mention of is the “USS America” and she’s basically a drift as I author this post. Currently there’s no specific course, its direction is random. Behind the helm lies a crew no longer working as a team. What remains is little more that finger pointing and accusations. The part that once stood “United” seems to have fallen overboard and is lost at sea. Still I have affection for this once great ship. That’s one reason why I write my blog. Another is to toss out life rings to all who will grab them. Her accomplishments will never be equaled, BUT I REFUSE TO GO DOWN TO THE BOTTOM WITH HER!

Much the same as the Titanic the USS America was thought to be unsinkable. In fact I’m quoting the head engineer from the movie Titanic “Sir this ship is made of metal I assure you she will sink.” Right now America’s long since grazed the iceberg and I second the head engineer when I say I assure you she will sink. Nothing is unsinkable if enough downward pressure is applied to it.

You may want to look at abandoning this sinking ship or you may not. It’s a personal choice and your free will to choose as desired. There are other ships located in safer harbors all over the world but first you have to leave one harbor before you can enter another. For those brave enough to take the voyage it is my heartfelt desire that you always sail on calm seas and land on the shores of success. Until next time this is Barry in DR.





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  • Stan Jul 28, 2017, 11:53 am

    Excellent article explaining the current position of the United States!
    Thanks for your efforts in trying to open the eyes of the blind.

    • Barry Jul 28, 2017, 1:39 pm

      Thanks so much for the comment. As one who understands international business better than most seeing your comment made me feel good. Thanks for both the comment and the good feeling that followed. Lunch soon?

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