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New Paved Roads are Expanding the Region Around Cabrera Part 2

Ride along with us as we continue to travel over some of the roads being paved. We bypass a cluster of machinery that’s spreading hot tar and continue over some of the roads that over the next week will be paved. This opens up an entirely new area for us as Johnny knows several of the locals who live in the region. He’s taught many of the children English in his school. That always promotes our ability to score some of these properties at great prices. Yes we’re excited as we’ve already been approached to inquire our interest in heading up two smaller projects. Word on the coconut telegraph travels fast among the locals. They’ve witnessed how the Montana y Mar project is unfolding and seems they like what they see. Who knows perhaps they’re beginning to understand what the term highest and best use really means.

For anyone considering our region as a permanent or even a part time residence should take note. With this amount of infrastructure the large modern gas stations and the amount of construction taking place surely promotes a healthy maintainable growth pattern. What inspires me the most is by knowing it will never be overcrowded BECAUSE as I’ve always maintained Cabrera is not a beach town. If it were, it would follow suite as many of our tourist towns, it would have done so twenty plus years prior as all the rest of them have done. While we certainly enjoy 8 exotic non-crowded beaches located five to ten minutes’ drive from town NONE are located within the towns limits. Cabrera is an ocean front cliff town, not a beach town. This sole point reflects why the large tourist operations seek other locations. Yep Cabrera is residential and supports a mingling between locals and foreigners not commonly shared. It’s why I always say Cabrera is like Mayberry with internet. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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