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My Buddy Robert Joins Me on a Typical Day in the Backcountry

I recently invited a friend of mine to join me on what for me is just another normal day in the field. Robert and his wife Michelle started out as clients a few years prior when we sold them one of our lots in the Montana y Mar community. Now moved in both Robert and Michelle are enjoying their new home. Since their arrival both have become friends of ours and we do enjoy spending time together. Knowing that Robert loves getting out and scouting the lesser populated places and he loves the nature aspect of the country, I invited him to venture out with me and spend a day in some areas that few foreigners ever get to see.

The day began early when Robert greeted me fully prepped for the day. He brought along sandwiches, drinks, cups, ice, a few beers and even a bit of rum and juice. Not ignoring the efforts I quickly dubbed him my wingman. He had us laden for a fun day in the country. I was scouting out some prime farmland and must admit having company was a nice touch.

What for me would be a typical day turned out to be great fun. The company was wonderful and I could tell Robert was having a great time. Quite often I’ll do this on our discovery excursions. When I sense that folks are comfortable being out in the bush and really want to grasp the surroundings of Cabrera, I’ll show them around some of the sparsely populated areas, areas that rarely see foreigners. That’s the real DR and it’s a shame so few actually can relate to it. Join Robert and myself on what turned out to be an excellent day. Glad we captured it on video. Sincere thanks go out to Robert for taking care of the photography, the cups, the food and the spirits. Definitely was my wingman for the day. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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