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My Buddy Robert Joins Me on a Typical Day in the Backcountry Part 2

While I have a bit of time I wanted to get out part two of a great day spent in the back country with my buddy Robert. We continue on working our way toward Los Memisos. We took our time as I wanted to explain some of the unique topography and perhaps even more notable the simple yet sustainable system that feeds the rice towns of Las Gordas, El Tizon, Los Jenjibres and Mata Bonita. Besides being impressed about the ongoing developing infrastructure, the roads, sidewalks and such, Robert was especially impressed by the overhead aqueducts. While prehistoric by western design, its simplicity proves to be sustainable. From the hand operated chain winches that regulate flow and direction to gravity being its driving force, this system is sustainable. If the power is down this aqueduct system will still function normally!!! The rice growing areas along with their towns will still receive all the necessary water to sustain. Ride along with us as I put Robert to work as narrator. It really was a great day spent together.  Until next time, Barry in DR

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