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Importing vs Buying Tires Locally

Going forward with Liane’s idea we’re making this our first video of the series. While buying tires isn’t really a subject worth a video we decided to make an exception. The entire series is about general unbiased information. No bashing and no praising remember this is all about folks helping other folks. It’s truly our desire to get as many folks pitching in with comments and suggestions to help others.

This series was designed as a source of information that might help locals and foreigners, the full timers and the part timers. Perhaps it might help the fence post sitters take an action and visit their place of interest. The Something Feels Wrong channel is all about assisting others in making a more informed decision. Once again anyone possessing some good information please take a moment to share it. You’ll never know how many folks your comment might be helping. We’ll catch you later on the next video.  Barry in DR.



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