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How much money do I need monthly to live comfortably in the DR?

I’m consistently being asked questions regarding what the cost of things are in the DR. While I’ve never claimed to be an expert in anything, living here for as many years as we have, will naturally bring forth at least a bit of wisdom… or at least you’d hope it would. What’s it going to cost? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those words. The topics are almost as numerous as the frequency. They range from Immigration to Real Estate, from cost of living to the best types of vehicles to consider purchasing. There’s only one thing common to all of them and that is that they’re all subjective. The answer will vary with each person.

A subscriber recently emailed in an interesting question on what the costs of living a reasonable quality lifestyle would be in our region. They expressed that between them both they would have right about $3,500.00 dollars per month as their retirement income. In an instant most will identify with the unintentional yet subjective undertones imbedded within the question. To make this video worthwhile to produce, I first needed to gather more information from the subscribers so here’s what I did. I had emailed back requesting they both provide me with their expectations. I was directly asking what a reasonable lifestyle meant to EACH of them. Turns out after listening to their descriptions of what a reasonable lifestyle meant to them it wasn’t far off from our own. Join me as I use our own expenses as a fair and unbiased assessment.

In closing there’s another bit of wisdom learned over the decades of living in a few developing nations that I’d like to share. I can say this with absolute surety! No matter what lifestyle you choose you’ll be able to duplicate it for far less in several developing nations than in western capitalist nations and for many this also includes the priceless benefit of enjoying the savings with a higher quality of life. I know this is true we’ve been living it for so long now.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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