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A Day Trip to Las Galeras on the Samana Peninsula Part 4

As we make our way to Las Galeras we run into some overcast weather. While the sky begins to cloud over it still looks clear about 20 KM’s further down the road. I attempt to take a couple of short videos but without the sun the bright coastline takes on a grey appearance. I’m hopeful the cut road I found on my previous trip will in fact let us cut across the peninsula but that for now remains unanswered. What I enjoy most about these road trips is the fact that there are no plans. If we can make it through we’ll spend the night in El Valle and if not we’ll double back to Las Galeras. Of course we’ll have to change this into an overnighter. The best plans are always the ones that remain flexible. If the latter becomes reality I’ll get the opportunity to do something that I’ve wanted to for quite some time now, which is explore the region and its neighboring towns. Stay with us as Cole and I reach Playa Rincon. I’ll pick this series back up as we’re nearing the area.  Until next time, Barry in DR.

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