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4th Time Visitor Shares His Knowledge

One of our most valued experiences from doing the “Something Feels Wrong” YouTube channel is the percentage of folks who began as clients but evolved into friends. Such is the case with Gary and Edilia. Liane and I first met them on one of our discovery excursions in 2013. During the outing it was obvious that they experienced something lasting as they’ve returned to the DR several times since. Both are fun loving adventurous folks who seek much more than just sitting on the deck staring at their cell phone while deciding where to eat dinner that evening. Keeping the fun seeking portfolio in mind Liane and I thought it would make for a great time if we cleared our schedules and put together a three day trip for the four of us. One thing is for sure when we mention “ trying to fit five pounds of apples into a four pound bag” we’re not exaggerating! As our evenings together ended late. Sit back and enjoy the view from the other side of the counter as Gary describes his experience of what turned out to be three days of fun and adventure. To our good friends Gary and Edilia “this video is for you” Liane and I are happy you both loved the change.  Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Jul 9, 2018, 1:04 pm

    Hi Barry it’s the first time I’m commenting on a blog post that I’m starring in! That was a fun interview we did. After listening to it it felt like we are just conversing on a sofa while people are listening in. It was all straight from my heart. I’ve never driven that much in one day like we did. I think it was eight hours each day. The reason why I didn’t get tired was because I had to keep alert driving in a new environment. It was truly amazing witnessing a pristine pine forest in the middle of an island in the Caribbean! If it wasn’t for us getting cold late that night in Jarabacoa (imagine getting cold in June in the tropics) we would have been up all night chatting away drinking great rum and smoking a great cigar!

    Anyways it was a great experience for all of us. You’ll have to pick another great adventure for us next time we’re in town.

    • Barry Jul 9, 2018, 2:46 pm

      For sure we will Liane and I had just as much fun. For us the greatest satisfaction comes from knowing we’ve assisted in some small way in improving so many people’s lives. I guess you might say it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Our warmest regards to you both.

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