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We’re Being Led To a New Pasture

We’re just another herd being led into another pasture.

Wednesday February 14th 2018 the US suffered its most recent incident involving yet another school shooting. What seems to be taking on the appearance of an ongoing weekly TV series recently featured its 18th episode of the year.  Just so were all on the same page here I’m saying that this totals eighteen separate school incidents in under a two month period of time! It’s more than doubled since this same time last year. What are we not seeing here?

I can say with surety, from hands on experience. Few tickets are purchased to enter the cinema of truth. Most prefer entering the cinema of reassuring lies. People no longer want the truth they want to hear what sounds good.

Somethings causing these events to skyrocket, but what is it? The flashing red lights are illuminating “Huston we’ve got a problem.” So why is it that so many aren’t actively getting involved? Hardly anybody’s asking the pertinent questions. The WHY questions! It’s as if the nation’s taken on the attitude whew glad we dodged that one and they’re taking much the same attitude when it comes to facing the reality when it comes to acknowledging the nation’s deficit. Again I ask why?

While my sincerest sympathy’s go out to all who have suffered, this post is not going to continue in that direction. Nor is it going to take the helm and report a bunch of stats. There’s already way too much of that out there. No this post is taking a different path. I will attempt to follow the path of cause rather than the more popular alternate choice the path of effect. So what’s the cause? I believe it heavily relies on divide. First divide the families then progressively divide the people. Do this in as many ways as possible so the battle becomes internal.

Since I live in one of the peaceful farm regions surrounding Cabrera it’s common for us to witness fairly large herds being led from one feeding area to another. We actually joke about it calling it our rush hour. It’s our form of grid lock.

Did you know when corralling any large herd its essential that you have guide markers well in front directing the herd in the desired direction? These markers come in all styles forms shapes and sizes. However the one thing shared in common is the herd must be led by an outside guiding source.

We humans are also a herd and as such we to must be led in the desired direction. What began with tribal leader’s fortune tellers and wise men soon expanded to include idols deities, gods and Governments. As I mentioned directional markers come in a variety of styles. Yes we too are a herd and make no mistake about it we will first search then conquer new feeding grounds whenever it becomes necessary. No different than a herd of cows being led to a pasture containing taller grass. It’s been this way since our creation and whether you understand it or not we’re currently being led in a desired direction once again. Herds of humans follow directional markers the same as herds of animals do.

As previously mentioned these markers indicators call them whatever you want to come in all shapes and sizes. Some are there to cause fear so the herd heads in the opposite direction while others produce a uniting effect. They draw the herd closer together. All these directional markers share one key element in common. Their initial distribution method is always through the MSM Medias. Stop and think about that for a moment.

So what’s possibly causing such an uptick in school violence? I feel there are several reasons but the root cause is families being divided.  With both parents working full time, struggling just to make ends meet it has to have its effects on the family unity.  Families don’t spend time together. They hardly have the time to sit down and enjoy dinners together. No longer do families talk about what’s going on in their respective lives. That’s now become the job of social medias.

Part of this divide is rooted in mom’s having to working full time. Certainly no one’s fault but because of lack of time dinner time all too often consists of some quick fix meal followed by a thank you and back to the electronic gadgets to nullify the mind further. Another possible cause is the preposterously high percentage of broken or divorced families. Divide re-divide then divide again! All you’re left with is fractions of the original unit.

Perhaps it’s the rat race that has people so wound up they don’t see any way out, they see no change coming forth in the future so they simply make poor decisions. I’m sure the exceeding high percentages using opioids, antidepressants meds of all kinds plays a big role in what we’re currently witnessing. Currently there are over one Million Kids Under Age 6 On Psychiatric Drugs. Seems every cure is just a pill or two away. What about the garbage GMO’s that people are eating day in and day out. All play a huge roll in what we’re currently witnessing in regards to all violence.

When people come down and tour with us it’s the people hailing from the US that by a large degree are suffering the most from ill health obesity and an unrelenting need to be taking several pills a day. How’s that possible in such a high tech modern nation? A nation that a mere 25 years prior finished no lower than third place in any category of the quality of life indicators now doesn’t even finish anywhere near the top ten? Do you not think this is being done by design?

Dividing a once healthy family atmosphere soon leads to depression which leads to the meds which lastly leads to irrational behavior. Maybe just maybe these are a few of the many causes initiating the effects. The violence and it’s not only within the schools and it’s not exclusively related to firearms either. People are ramming U-Haul trucks into citizens in populated areas and shooting innocent people from hotel windows. Almost anything that can be used as a weapon is being used as a weapon. What’s the answer? More laws? There are already too many laws and all that’s doing is adding additional wedge to an already divided nation. We don’t need more laws!

Being the history buff that I am one key piece of information gathered from my research follows. It seems whenever any great nation begins its downward spiral one of the key aspects shared in common with all of them was a strong divide from within. Democracy took a back seat. I see the exact same thing occurring now.

In spite of what many think humans actually do possess a large volume of knowledge however we lack intelligence. Even more scarce are those possessing wisdom. Our hand’s on experience has been replaced by a laptop. To me there’s little doubt the human herd is being corralled into a completely new never before seen pasture. A mixed pasture containing lots of ample grazing areas and other areas filled with sharp thorns. For some opportunity is endless but for those unprepared every step is going to hurt! Tread wisely and have a ready plan B set in place. Until next time.

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