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Constructing A Home While Living Abroad

Nancy and Jerry are carrying out a project that many would find hard to even consider. They’re building a 2,200 square foot pool cliff home while still living abroad. Here’s a brief history on how we first met. It’s really kind of cool how it occurred.

We met Nancy and Jerry several years prior. Their Realtor back in the States referred them to a Realtor located in Puerto Plata. It’s through this person (who we actually didn’t even know) that we came to meet and because of it have actually grown into a solid friendship.

While showing them around the area we passed through one of our projects located in Loma Alta. Once passed the entry hill and for the first time being able to appreciate the panoramic view I still believe it caught them all by surprise. You could easily spot the exhilaration on all three faces. It wasn’t long after that we were sitting in the Lawyers office drawing up the contract.

Over the next few years Nancy and Jerry made several trips back and forth to the DR. Not only to better know Cabrera but for the necessary visits required to obtain residency status. At the same time they were both going through the immigration process.

Johnny and I introduced them to a solid source to assist them with their immigration needs. So far so good, they’re now permanent residents of the DR. While in the midst of the immigration process every candidate is required to make two mandatory visits to the DR. It’s the only way to complete the process.

It was on one of these required trips that we introduced them to a few builders in the area. We knew these builders for quite some time now and not only do they have the experience but a long standing good reputation as well. When you’ve been in the trade as long as I’ve been you can’t help but learn a few things.

I know this experience gave them a lot of additional confidence in making their decision. Along with several more trips under their belt they also attained the wisdom required to initiate the project. From that point it was basically game on! Listen to what their experience has been so far.

You can look at any country, scout every nation if you want to. You’re going to find good Doctors and bad Doctors. You’ll find good Lawyers and bad Lawyers. Good realtors, contractors, mechanics whatever and the same can be said for bad ones. You’ll find good, bad, honest and corrupt.  It’s just the way the universe functions. I’ve always agreed with the saying “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”.  Now enjoy what Nancy and Jerry know. With the right people on your team almost anything can be done. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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